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updated March 25, 2024
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Do you want to improve your marketing strategies? AI marketing tools can help you in different aspects, for example, to enhance the quality of your content, make data-driven decisions, analyze performance, have new insights, and much more. 

What Are AI Marketing Tools? 

AI marketing is based on artificial intelligence that uses machine learning and collects big data to help you achieve your goals by making data-driven decisions. There are AI marketing tools of different types focused on SEO, analytics, copywriting, email marketing, and ecommerce, for example.

Why Use AI Marketing Tools

AI marketing tools empower you to make decisions not based on guessing or inaccurate predictions, on the contrary, it offers you the right resources to have a more accurate understanding of your company's sales and marketing processes. 

For example, by using AI to keep track of your website performance, you are going to have accurate data about the number of daily visitors to your pages, the average time spent on each of them, the conversion rates, type of device, and geolocation of the accesses, for instance.

With that, you are capable of having a deeper understanding of your target audience and getting new insights. 

AI Marketing tools can also help you to increase sales by enabling you to trace your customer journey, identify sales opportunities, and automate time-consuming tasks.

When it comes to content creation, artificial intelligence is very useful to find the most effective keywords aligned to your goals, to assist in how to include them, and to write texts that will engage better. 

Besides, AI marketing tools will help you to reduce errors, for example, missing out on important data, or losing leads that are ready to finalize a purchase. Nowadays, technology and marketing walk together, to keep ahead, it's important to follow developments such as the use of AI in this area. 

10 Best AI Marketing Tools

1. Wix AI Website Builder

Wix AI home page

With more than 250 million users worldwide, Wix is one of the world's most popular website builder solutions. With the development of Wix AI, they intend to make it even easier and faster to create different web pages to fit your needs.

When you access the AI website creator, you will be required to write a brief about how you want your website, in terms of design and features. Then, the platform will generate a website based on the guidelines you gave. With just a few clicks, you will have an entirely customized layout to fit your content.

You don't need to know how to code or be a design expert, the AI will do the hard work for you. Once the AI generates the website, you can modify its details as you wish, changing the colors, and fonts, inserting images and videos, and much more.

Key features:

  • AI-powered
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive design
  • Suffle layouts
  • Customization tools
  • Built-in business solutions
  • Optimized to load fast
  • Escalable and reliable web hosting
  • Business growth solutions
  • 24/7 customer support

2. Semrush 

Semrush's logo

Semrush is an AI marketing tool focused on offering solutions regarding SEO, content marketing, competitor research, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media marketing: all in just one platform. 

With the On-page SEO feature, you can check your site health and analyze its interactions with Google. While, by using the Competitor Analysis, it's possible to benchmark your website traffic metrics against competitors to see how to enhance your content.  

The Content Marketing Semrush tool helps you to plan and execute data-driven strategies based on your target audience's needs. 

Key features: 

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Rank tracking
  • Social Media Management
  • Link building

3. RecCloud

Reccloud home page

Reccloud is an AI-powered multimedia platform where you will find several features that will simplify the content creation process. With the AI subtitle generator, you can have subtitles created with just a few clicks.

All you have to do is upload a video file, and the artificial intelligence will create accurate subtitles for it. You may also enjoy the subtitle translation feature that translates into more than 99 languages, including English, French, Chinese, and German.

Transcribing is a task that takes too much time when done manually. You need to pay attention to every detail of the audio and usually replay it over and over to make sure you didn't miss a thing. With RecCloud, that isn't necessary, thanks to the speech-to-text feature.

Key features:

  • AI subtitle
  • AI video translator
  • AI speech-to-text
  • Trim video
  • Video to gif
  • Crop video
  • Extract audio
  • Merge video
  • Image to video

4. Phrasee

Phrasee's logo

Phrasee is an AI-powered platform that offers real-time language optimization to help create amazing content. It analyzes your customer data, campaign goals, and brand standards to produce copy that's most likely to engage with your target audience. You can optimize emails, SMS, and push notifications, for instance. 

The platform can also assist you to encourage existing customers to make new purchases by sending the right message at the right time. You can enhance results with trigger campaigns, like re-engaging abandoned carts, special events, and program milestones. 

When the campaign is launched, the software will continuously look for ways to automatically improve the brand language to increase return on investment (ROI). When it comes to convincing customers to buy on your website, Phrasee also optimizes the messages to reduce bounce rates. 

Key features: 

  • Brand language optimization
  • Ai-powered
  • Deep learning
  • Advanced multivariate copy testing
  • Content generated automatically

5.Seventh Sense 

Seventh Sense's logo

Seventh Sense is an AI software designed to enable you to get maximum performance at your email campaigns.

It analyzes the historic engagement patterns of each person in your email marketing automation platform, then it builds a continuously improving model to predict when each subscriber is most likely to engage. 

This enhances the chances of your email being seen and opened by every person on your mailing list, avoiding that your newsletter gets lost in the mailbox. Another advantage is that the send time optimization feature staggers delivery to prevent your message from going to spam, even if you email lots of people at the same company. 

Key features: 

  • Email delivery optimization
  • Increase deliverability
  • Email frequency optimization
  • Email throttling
  • Integrate with HubSpot and Marketo

6. Market Muse

MarketMuse's logo

MarketMuse is an AI marketing tool developed to help research, create and optimize content. You will count on an automated content inventory and audit feature that measures content quality on your website. Besides, it also identifies content opportunities so you can define what you are going to write about next. 

You will have AI-generated briefs so you can develop the copy in the best way. To evaluate the quality of the text, before publishing it, you can use Market Muse Content Score and the real-time text editor. The platform also provides internal and external linking recommendations. 

To get the most out of the articles that have already been published, use the text editor to see how each article matches the topic model, which is created based on the top search competitors on the text subject. 

Key features: 

  • Automated content inventory
  • Identify content opportunities
  • AI-generated content briefs
  • Text editor
  • Content score
  • Internal and external linking recommendations


Acrolinx's logo

Acrolinx allows you to enhance content quality through artificial intelligence. It helps you to align the text according to the marketing strategy you have defined, identify weak points, and see how to improve them.

Also, the software analyzes if your copy is in sync with the brand guidelines, for example, the brand voice and tone.

This enables you to create a much more coherent and integrated communication across multiple channels. All your team can use the platform, regardless of where they are, and contribute to different articles. After an article is finished, check its consistency, clarity, scannability, and other quality indicators with Acrolinx. 

Key features: 

  • Content analyzer
  • Set goals
  • Content analytics
  • Align text with the brand guidelines
  • Show points to be improved

8. Smartly.io

Smartly.io's logo

Smartly.io enables you to automate every step of social advertising. It provides you tools to create, test, launch and iterate ads on multiple social media platforms. You can use the software editor to develop the design of the ads, enjoy its pre-built templates, and automatically showcase pricing. 

You can personalize your ads to create localized offers and even weather-based promos. Test different types of ads and analyze the performance through the analytics tools provided by Smartly.io.

Once you launch the ad, the AI marketing tool will automatically adjust targeting, creatives, budgets, and biddings. Artificial intelligence saves you time and money by adjusting your ads to maximize performance. The software also integrates all of your data to give you more insights. 

Key features:

  • Creative automation tools
  • Automatically optimize your ads
  • Track performance
  • Get actionable insights

9. Brand24

Brand24's logo

With Brand24, you can follow up on comments made about your brand, and be always prepared to answer dissatisfied customers to prevent crises. You are going to get instant notifications when there is any bad comment regarding your company. 

The platform uses an advanced sentiment detection tool to distinguish positive, negative, and neutral mentions. To track engagement and be always aware of how your brand is perceived, you can track engagement, such as likes and shares, and enable Brand24 to send you daily or weekly reports. 

It's also possible to track hashtags, having access to valuable metrics regarding it, like reach and volume. If you want to create marketing campaigns with digital influencers, the software also allows you to identify the ones that are most relevant to your industry sector.

Key features: 

  • Influence score
  • Mention analytics
  • Alerts
  • Data exporting
  • Mentions feed
  • Discussion volume chart
  • Sentiment analysis

10. Albert

Albert's logo

Albert is a self-learning solution focused on improving the effectiveness of digital advertising for your company. The software analyzes audience and tactic data, then automatically allocates the budget and optimizes the campaigns on social media and other channels. 

You just have to set your key performance indicators (KPIs) and the software will use its learning system to find ways to enhance the ads to reach your goals. It will analyze the ads and give recommendations that require human action as well. 

Key features:

  • Plan ads
  • Optimize ads
  • Build campaigns
  • Budget allocation
  • Give insights

AI Marketing Tools: An Insight from the Future

The growth in the use and development of AI marketing tools is a strong indicator of how marketing is becoming an area each time more in compass with technology development. This includes not only the new ways to promote a brand, but also to make decisions and create strategies. 

With AI marketing tools data-driven decision is empowered, and you can have a much more complete and accurate view of your target audience. Research these tools, learn about the features they offer, and how they can be useful to help your company reach its goals.

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