How to Check Who Visited My Instagram Profile

updated September 1, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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A common question among Instagram users is "how to check who visited my Instagram profile?". When it comes to a personal account, they may want to know if a love interest is checking on their photos, for instance. While for brands, it would also be valuable information to know exactly who is accessing their profile. 

Companies could have even more precise data about their leads and potential customers by checking the latest profiles that visited their Instagram. They could analyze which ones have begun to follow them or just leave the page without any interaction. 

As the company that manages and owns Instagram, Meta is the platform that owns the information about who visits your profile. Is there really a way to access that data? Check out the article to know more about it.

Is it Possible to Know Who Saw My Instagram Profile?

When it comes to the question "how to check who visited my Instagram profile", we need to analyze if making that information available would be interesting for the platform. Put yourself on the other side, as the person who is visiting a profile, which you probably do often, if you are an active Instagram user.

Would you like people to know that you visited their profile? Many Instagram users don't use this social media to publish their own posts. But, they open it daily to check what other users have posted, including profiles they don't follow. If it was possible to know they have visited a profile, many users would likely feel inhibited to do that, diminishing the number of active users on the platform. 

Considering that, Instagram doesn't make the information about who visited your Instagram profile available on the app. You can only know who visualized your stories. It isn't possible to know exactly who visited your profile page today, for example, except for the ones who interacted with your posts by liking or commenting on them. 

How to Identify Who Are Your Instagram Profile Top Viewers

There is a simple trick, though, which enables you to identify who your top viewers are. Post a story, wait just a few minutes, and check who has visualized it. The people on the top of the viewers' list are probably the ones who view your profile the most.

When someone often consumes the content published by a specific account, the Instagram algorithm understands that the users like it. So, your stories will appear as one of the first in their feed. 

Usually, people who don't follow you and see your stories appear at the bottom of the viewers' list. If not, this also indicates that the person often visits your profile. 

Are There Third-Party Apps Able to Tell Who Visited My Instagram Profile?

No, because Instagram doesn't share this kind of information with third-party apps, so they won't be able to tell you precisely who visited your Instagram profile. Instagram API (application programming interface) is very attentive when it comes to sharing information with apps that aren't certified by Meta. 

Always be careful when you install third-party apps and connect them to your Instagram account. Because you are sharing your personal information. Besides, they may not provide you with the data you are looking for. 

What Data Can You  Check About Who Visits Your Instagram Profile?

If you have an  Instagram business account, the platform may not enable you to know who visited your Instagram profile, but you can have more information about your audience. 

Instagram insights page showing information about a post

When you go to your profile page and click on the posts, you will see the "View Insights" button. It enables you to check how many people have seen your post, how many of them weren't your followers, and the actions that were taken from your post. For example, the number of likes, comments, impressions, and profile visits.

Enjoy the Insights Feature for Instagram Business Accounts

As you can see the answer to the question "how to check who visited my Instagram profile" is that you can't know that precise information. This may benefit you as it also preserves your privacy. But, if you have an Instagram business account, the tip is to make the most of the Insights feature.

When you keep track of the information it provides, you are able to develop more effective marketing strategies for your Instagram profile. You can understand your audience better, identify the types of posts that are more interesting to them, and how to increase your engagement.

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