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updated May 28, 2024
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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When a customer buys a product, does the buyer's journey end there? Certainly, no. If you want to nourish their loyalty, sending a thank you for your order email is an important next step to show your gratitude and appreciation, beyond confirming the purchase. 

But, how to write one? It's essential to pay attention to the details, make it aligned with your brand's visual identity and tone of speech, and personalize the email. That can be an interaction that will stimulate many others, increasing retention rates.

Why it’s important to send a thank you for your order email

When you send an appreciation email, as a thank you for your order, you show that you care about your customer. The idea is that this email is going to be part of a sequence of strategic actions thought to stimulate the client to return to your store and develop a closer relationship with your brand. 

Since the person has just bought a product from your business, that's perfect timing to establish a conversation, besides confirming the order. That practice has become very common, many customers expect this kind of message, not doing it would be falling behind your competitors. 

Don't make the mistake of thinking you shouldn't put an effort to develop incredible content for it. Use this opportunity to remind your customers of your brand's values and beliefs, and why they should keep you in mind.

6 Steps to write a thank you for your order email

1. Create an appealing subject line

The subject line is the first thing your customers see in their mailbox, so it needs to be attractive to make them want to open the message. Avoid using only "Thank you for your order", add more personality to it, and be creative. 

A subject line isn't just a phrase to fulfill in the email, it has the power to increase the click-through rate. Analyze well what you are going to write. A tip: knowing your target audience's behavior deeply will make it easier. 

2. Use an appropriate greeting

Personalize the greeting you are going to put on the email by inserting the customer's name. You can do it automatically through the email marketing platform of your preference. Beyond that, try to use a greeting that adds more personality to the text. 

For example, instead of just "Thanks for your order", you could use "Hey, (person's name), or Dear (person's name), as an introduction, and, after it, include the thank you part, with messages like "Thank you for buying from us", or "Thanks for choosing us". 

3. Show your appreciation

Express gratitude by emphasizing how glad you are that the customer decided to buy from your store and that you appreciate the trust given to your brand. To show how the consumer is important to you, what about offering a gift?

That's an effective strategy not only to reaffirm the person's value but also to encourage them to return to your store. You could give, for example, a coupon discount for the next order, or, if you sold a physical item, tell the customer you are sending a freebie along with it.

If it’s a digital product, you can include the freebie in the email, such as access to a software free trial. 

4. Insert a conclusion

You probably remember from English classes the importance of adding a conclusion to a text, and that isn't different in an email.

You can close the message by thanking the customer again, but using other words, or with a call to action, for example, to sign up your newsletter to keep updated with your products’ release and offers, or to evaluate the purchase. 

5. Put your signature

To finalize the email, don't forget to add your brand's signature with its logo, contact information, and social media links. 

6. Review the email

Before pressing send, read the email again with calm and attention to check for spelling errors and other details that may have passed unnoticed, certifying you didn't forget anything. Check if the design elements are correct as well. 

The types of content you can insert in a thank you for your order email

Although many people believe the thank you for your order email is the same thing as a purchase confirmation one, they aren't necessarily equal.

The order confirmation has to be sent right after the customer bought something, and it can include a thank-you note, but it can be sent after too, depending on your strategy. 

Order status

When you buy a product or hire services online, do you anxiously wait for the confirmation order email to arrive in your inbox? That's the reassurance that your order has been received by the company, right?

The same happens with your customers, and you can enjoy the opportunity to thank them for choosing your company.

But, besides it, don't forget to answer the 3 w's in the message, what, where, and when, which means what are the items included in the order, where the package is in the shipping process, and when it's due to be delivered. 

Products recommendation

Besides the order status email, another thing you can do is send a thank you for your order email with product recommendations, to stimulate the customer's curiosity to go back to your online store

You shouldn't recommend random items, though, it needs to be personalized according to the customer browsing history in your ecommerce store. Select items that the person's profile indicates they might be interested in, you can even include a discount coupon. 

Loyalty program invitation

Does your company have a loyalty program? That's a good strategy to give reasons why a customer should keep choosing your store instead of going to others, and it makes them feel valued. Enjoy the thank you for your order email to include a call to action inviting them to be part of your loyalty program.

But, in order to persuade the person to subscribe, you have to offer good benefits, for example, a points program that provides discounts as the person accumulates them, or offers prior access to released products. Highlight these advantages in the CTA

Tips on how to use a product

After the customer has received the product, you can send a thank you for your order email with a tutorial or a guide explaining different ways to use the item that was just acquired. That's a way to show the product's advantages, and also emphasizes your concern to help your customers and assure their satisfaction.

5 Thank you for your order email examples

1. Glossier

The image shows Glossier  order confirmation email

Glossier uses the order confirmation email to thank the customer for the purchase with a direct message and a clear design. It's easy to check the product order, while the text highlights the appreciation with the "Thanks for visiting us". At the end of the email, it's also easy to see how to contact the company.

2. Bajaao

The image shows the message Bajaao sent to its customers thanking them and asking to complete a survey.

Bajaao uses a different strategy by writing a thank you for your order email that isn't a purchase confirmation. They write a kind message to the customer, focusing on how they care about them, and enjoy the opportunity to ask them to fill a survey. 

3. Allergy Buyers Club 

The image swhos Allergy Byyers Club thank you email with a guide about how to use the Quiet Pure Whisper

Beyond just saying thanks, the Allergy Buyers Club shows its appreciation by delivering valuable content in the message, which shows how to use the purchased product. It's a simple and clear guide that will be useful to the customers.

4. Allbirds 

The image shows the thank you for your order email from Allbirds

Allbirds thank you for your order email call the attention by sending a simple message, which becomes funny because of the play with the words. It has a minimalist design with a clear and direct text, which fulfills its purpose, and reinforces the brand's identity. 

5. Abercrombie & Fitch 

The image shows Abercrombie & Fitch thank you for your order email

Abercrombie & Fitch creates a special thank you for your order email when they start the text with "We're honored". The size of the words decreases along with the message, which helps to call attention to the first phrases, emphasizing their appreciation. 

5 Thank you for your order email templates you can use

Template 1

Hey (customer's name),

We are so happy to receive your order!

Our team is already preparing your package, and to give the thanks you deserve we have separated a discount coupon of X% for your next purchase.

Hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, (company' name) team

Template 2

Dear (customer's name),

Thank you for giving us your trust! 

We have just confirmed you received your order, and hope you are enjoying your (name of the product). Every item is handmade by our team, with care to the details, so we can always provide you with the best experience.

Please, let us know what you found about (name of the product). We value your opinion to improve continuously. 

Take care,

(Company's name)

Template 3 

Hi (customer's name),

Thank you for buying with us! To help you enjoy the most of (name of the product) here is a guide of X ways to use it.

(Insert the guide)


(Company's name)

Template 4

Thank you for your order, (customer’s name)!

We are so thrilled to have you with us that we have sent a surprise gift along with your package. You deserve the best! Hope you will like it. 

 Best regards,

(Company's name)

Template 5

Dear (customer's name)

Thank you for being a loyal customer!

We really appreciate seeing you have done several purchases with us. It's such a pleasure to know you like our services that we want to give something in return.

Become a part of our loyalty program and every time you buy an item on our website you will automatically gain points, which can be turned into discounts or gifts in the future. 

We hope to hear from you soon.


(Company's name)

Subject line ideas

  • A toast for your order!
  • Now you have an exclusive product 
  • Happy news: order confirmed! 🥳
  • Just for you ❤️
  • (Customer's name) appreciation day
  • A gift to thank you
  • Thanks for choosing us!

Create a thank you for your order email that has your brand's identity

When you develop a thank you for your order email keep in mind that it has to be aligned with your brand's image.

It's important to maintain a similar tone of voice in different communication channels, to have consistency, and allow customers to recognize your company’s characteristics through the details. This way, you can build a strong brand with loyal customers.

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