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If you are looking for a SITE123 review to learn more about what this website builder has to offer, this article is for you. SITE123 stands out as one of the most popular platforms that allow people from all around the world to create a complete website with just a few clicks.

You can use SITE123 to make an ecommerce, have your personal blog, a digital portfolio, and much more. It isn't necessary to know how to code or be a professional designer to make the pages. 

SITE123 Overview

SITE123 is a platform that focuses on offering a simple and easy-to-use website builder. Different from many others that provide the same service, it doesn't have a drag-and-drop editor where you can personalize the website, but it offers page options that are created according to the options you select. You only need to upload your content. 

The websites created using SITE123 are mobile-friendly, which means they will work appropriately whether accessed on mobile devices or desktop computers. This helps with SEO and improves user experience too. 

Another advantage is that SITE123 has a free plan option, which encourages people to try out the software and put their ideas of having a website into practice. You can have a website in multiple language versions as well, and integrate it with third-party plugins to have even more incredible web pages. 

SITE123 Features

Sell Online

When the subject is SITE123 review, one of the features that make the platform stand out from many others is it allows you to have an e-commerce site. You can upload products, create multiple product sections, track and manage orders, use an automated inventory system, choose and accept more than one currency, and set shipping and taxing too. 

SEO Tools

To have high organic traffic on your website pages, it's fundamental that they are search engine optimized. SITE123 helps you with that by generating a sitemap automatically, offering a 301 redirecting tool, and a responsive website design. Besides, the platform enables you to create meta descriptions, and meta titles, and add alt text to images.

Free Image and Icons Library

SITE123 has libraries with several images and icons from different categories such as food, medicine, and sports. You can browse through them, choose what you like the most and fits your content, and add them to your website. 

Web Design Tools

Another aspect to be highlighted in this SITE123 review is the web design tools the platform provides. You will count on a ready-made color palette selected by their design team, so you can just select the combination you prefer. 

When the pages of your website are created by SITE123, you will always have at least 2 layout options to choose from. For example, with or without a menu, with the image on the right or the left side, and so on. 

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are great assets to promote your website and the content published on it. You can make short videos talking about the articles on your blog, and inviting people to access your website, link products on your stories, and redirect to your pages, for example. 

But, it also goes the other way, with SITE123 you can integrate your social media pages on your website and enable people to access them when they enter your website. You can add your social media icon, or even display part of your feed to promote it. 

Email Marketing

With SITE123, you can create email accounts under your own domain name, and use the platform to manage them. Besides, it has email marketing tools that enable you to create email campaigns, and newsletters, and keep track of them.

24/7 Customer support

If you have any doubts or problems when creating your website or managing it, you can count on SITE123 24/7 customer support. The company has a team of experts prepared to assist you. It's possible to contact them via live chat and email. During regular business hours, the support chat assists in more than 16 languages. 

SITE123 Templates

SITE123 has hundreds of free website templates. They were made by professional designers, and are divided into multiple categories such as restaurant, online store, business, photography, and art.  Take a look at these amazing examples. 

James Hall - photography template

James Hall template

Style Avenue - online store template

Style Avenue template

Revive Renovations - business template

Revive Renovations template

SITE123 Pricing

If you want to make a SITE123 review yourself to get to know its features or you just wish to build a website without spending any money, you can do it with the free plan. It includes 250 MB of storage, 250 MB of bandwidth, and a subdomain. 

If you are willing to invest and wish to have access to extra features, you can opt for the premium plan. It provides a free domain for one year, 3GB of storage, and 3GB of bandwidth, and allows you to create an online store too. 

SITE123 pricing

How to Create a Website with SITE123

To create a website free using SITE123 all you have to do is:

1 - Click on the "Start Here" button on the home page;

SITE123 home page

2 - Choose the type of website you want to build;

SITE123 page where you choose the type of website you want to build.

3 - Add your business website name andclick on "Go to final step";

SITE123 page where it's written "Add your business website name".

4 - Create a SITE123 account and click on "Start my website";

SITE123 sign in page

5 - Edit your website, and click on "Publish".

SITE123 website editor

SITE123 Review: Conclusions

It's possible to observe in this  SITE123 review that the platform has 3 main advantages for people who choose to use it:  the free plan option, the fast speed of creating a website, and the option to use ready-made layouts. If you are looking for simplicity, and you need to have your website ready to be launched on the same day, you will enjoy SITE123.

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