12 Practical Live Chat Triggers (With Examples)

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Igor Shekotihin
Igor Shekotihin
Head of International Growth

Live chat triggers are the smart rules that generate automated messages on websites. They’re just one of the many enhancements that make live chat the preferred method of communication with businesses and customers alike.

There are many different types of live chat triggers that you can use to your advantage. But knowing which one to use isn’t always easy.

So in this guide, you’ll learn what the different types are and how they could benefit your business. And then, we’ll look at some examples of when to use the various live chat triggers to improve support and boost conversion rates.

What Are Chat Triggers?

Chat triggers are smart rules based on visitors’ personal info and browsing behavior that start relevant automated chat messages.

The live chat software tracks visitors and their browsing activity, and then sends them a proactive trigger-based chat message that appears like a regular chat invitation from a support agent.

It could be a simple greeting, a nudge to start a free trial, an offer of help, a warm welcome back, or any relevant message based on your product or service and the visitor’s browsing activity.

For example, landing on the JivoChat homepage, you might see an automated proactive chat message like this:

"Psst! JivoChat PRO only costs 50 cents a day. Let's help drive your sales. Talk to me."

Different Types of Live Chat Triggers

Depending on the nature of your business, you can select and configure the live chat triggers that meet your aims and objectives.

Here are a few different types to consider:

Chat triggers based on the page visited

Placing live chat triggers on specific pages such as the support page or sales page means you can tailor the message accordingly.

Image: Configuring chat triggers inside JivoChat.

Chat triggers based on the number of pages viewed

You can create a chat trigger to start a conversation based on the number of pages viewed. For example, starting from zero, if you set the number of visited pages to 2, the trigger will work on the third page.

Chat triggers based on visit duration

Time-based triggers allow you to set a delay before a live chat message is displayed. If you put it too low, then you might scare your visitor away, but if you wait too long, you might miss your opportunity. On average, the minimum time to wait before you trigger a live chat message is 5 seconds.

Chat triggers based on intent

Similar to exit-intent lead gen popups, you can also trigger exit-intent live chat messages. For instance, if a visitor is about to leave your site or abandon their shopping cart, you can trigger a "special offer" message to entice them to stay and buy.

Chat triggers based on URL parameters

Customizing live chat triggers based on URL parameters, such as referrals, direct visitors, or specific marketing campaigns, gives you another way to tailor your chat message accordingly.

Chat triggers based on the page title

You can use a TRUE or FALSE test condition to check if the page title contains or does not contain a specified text string. For instance, you could trigger your standard live chat support message if the page title contained "Help".

Chat triggers based on user data

Triggering live chat messages based on user data is a powerful way to engage your visitors. For instance, you could offer a special discount for returning customers or an introductory discount for first-time shoppers. Another option would be to target visitors based on their location or demographic. For instance, you could display your message in French for visitors based in France.

Chat triggers based on device type

Using a live chat trigger based on the visitor’s device type allows you to send mobile or desktop-specific messages. For example, if a visitor is browsing your site on their mobile, you could initiate a message telling them that you can handle text-based messages via mobile, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger.

Chat triggers based on scroll depth

The scroll depth trigger launches after a visitor scrolls down past a point on your page. The condition use percentages for its index, from 0% (not scrolled) to 100% (complete scroll from top to bottom). So, instead of a time-based trigger, you could specify that when a visitor scrolls 35%, the live chat message is displayed.

Benefits of Live Chat Triggers

By now, you have an idea of the different types of live chat triggers, but how can they benefit your business?

A study by Forrester consulting and research firm revealed that businesses using live chat proactively could expect to see a return on investment (ROI) of 105%.

That’s not a bad start. But let’s take a look at some other benefits:

Personalize customer experience

First up is that you can offer a personalized customer experience. As well as being able to chat 24/7, you can use live chat triggers to give visitors timely and relevant support rather than a cold, impersonal message.

Improve customer service

Surveys show that over 70% of consumers prefer using live chat for customer service. Providing live chat customer service and reacting to queries is one thing. But starting on the front-foot with a targeted live chat message helps remove any barriers and creates a great first impression.

Boost user engagement

Live chat lets you have real-time conversations with your visitors, but using a live chat trigger to start a conversation proactively boosts user engagement further. Instead of waiting for a user to initiate a conversation, you can take the first step to make them feel at home and offer your assistance.

Increase conversion rates

It’s already proven that live chat messaging improves customer conversion rates by up to 40%. But with the added functionality of live chat triggers, like those based on user intent, you can increase conversion rates further by offering an extra-special deal to encourage visitors to make a purchase.

Upsell and cross-sell

You can use live chat triggers to upsell and cross-sell to customers about to make a purchase. For example, based on what items are in their shopping cart at the checkout, you could trigger a tailored message to upgrade their product or add a complementary item.

Decrease abandonment rates

Data from March 2020 shows that, on average, 88% of online shopping orders were abandoned:

However, using an intent-based live chat trigger, you could reduce your cart abandonment rate with a message, like the offer of a discount or free shipping, that encourages or motivates shoppers to make a purchase,

Collect customer feedback

Finally, what better way to collect customer feedback than by engaging in a real-time conversation while they’re on your site. Live chat allows you to gain relevant information by asking questions.

For instance, a visitor who has been browsing a page for a long time might be struggling to find some product info. You can confirm that (with a live chat trigger based on visit duration) by asking what they’re looking for and helping them with their query. But the additional benefit is that you can also use that data to update your product page so that the info is easy to find for future visitors.

12 Examples of Live Chat Triggers

In this section, we’ll look at 12 examples of live chat triggers you could use on your site to manage conversations proactively.

1. First Visit

First-time visitors to your site may be unaware that you have live chat support. But if you use a proactive trigger-based chat message, you can let them know that live chat support is available and that you’re ready to help them when needed. At this stage, it’s all about making a good first impression and making your visitors feel welcome.

Chat message examples:

  • Hi there! Any questions? We’re here to help 😉
  • Hey there ✋ If you have any questions, I'm here to help.
  • Hi! Thank you for visiting us today. Looking for anything specific?
  • New here? Take a look around, and I’ll be here in case you need help.

Chat trigger logic:

  • Current page URL -> contains -> [https://yourwebsite.com/]
  • Time on page -> is greater than -> 20 seconds
  • Number of visits -> equals -> 1
  • Browser language -> equals -> [Specific language]

2. Repeat Visit

When someone visits your website for the second or third time, it’s probably intentional rather than pure chance. In which case, personalize your live chat message, perhaps with an incentivized offer, letting them know you appreciate them returning.

Using live chat triggers based on a return visit typically get increased open and reply rates.

Chat message examples:

  • Welcome back! We’re here to help as always.
  • We’re glad to have you with us again! What’s got you coming back?
  • Want to boost your sales and deliver top-notch customer support? Install JivoChat and see instant results! [bit.ly/jivochat-sign-up] Sign up today and use the promo code BLOG2020 to get 2 extra weeks of our powerful PRO version for free.

Chat trigger logic:

  • Number of visits -> equals -> 2
  • Time on page -> is greater than -> 30 seconds
  • Chat history with a visitor -> no chat history
  • Browser language -> equals -> [Language]

3. Pricing page visit

When a visitor lands on your pricing page, then it’s fair to assume they’re getting serious about making a purchase. You have to strike the balance of not being too pushy or too vague.

Use your live chat trigger to proactively ask if they need help selecting the right option or maybe offer some data to show which option is most popular.

Chat message examples:

  • Confused about which subscription plan is best for you? We can help you find the right fit!
  • Can’t find an option that’s suitable for your business? Chat with us to find one.
  • Have any questions about our pricing? The Pro version has increased the sales opportunities our users generated by 211% in March, 2019.

Chat trigger logic:

4. Knowledge base visit

The primary purpose of a knowledge base is to provide customers with a self-service portal. However, you can still be available to help them via live chat.

If a customer can’t find the answer to their problem, they’ll likely just leave feeling unhappy. So, you can use a live chat trigger to initiate a conversation offering to help customers who’ve lingered on the page for an extended duration.

Chat message examples:

  • Didn’t find the answer to your issue? Chat with us.
  • No answers here to your query? Our support team can help you find what you’re looking for.

Chat trigger logic:

5. Product page visit

When a prospect checks out your product page, they’re searching for information to help make a purchase. You might have everything covered on the page, but then again, you might not.

A proactive live chat message could make a difference. So reach out to buyers and offer a helping hand, suggest a free trial, or cross-sell additional products.

Chat message examples:

  • Hi there 👋 Have questions about our [Product]? We’re here to answer them.
  • Did you know that our [Product] can [Product’s benefit]? Chat for more details 💬
  • Hi! Did you know that [Product 2] is a perfect fit for [Product 1]? Chat for more details.
  • Want to increase sales and deliver top-notch customer support? You can give JivoChat a spin for free.

Chat trigger logic:

  • Current page URL -> equals -> [https://yourwebsite.com/product/]
  • Time on page -> is greater than -> 180 seconds
  • Chat history with a visitor -> no chat history

6. Checkout page visit

If you’re running an ecommerce site, then you’ll want to be proactive to nudge shoppers to make a purchase. You can use various live chat triggers at this stage.

For example, you could use a chat trigger based on exit intent to catch shoppers before abandoning their shopping cart. Or you could target shoppers who are lingering at the checkout and appear unsure whether to click the "Buy" button.

Chat message examples:

  • Need help with finishing your order? Our team is ready to help you choose the most suitable product.
  • Not sure this is what you want? Don’t worry, we all have second thoughts. Let’s help you clear that up, shall we?
  • Did you know that we currently offer free delivery on all our products?

Chat trigger logic:

7. Special offers

Whenever you’re running a special offer, you can set up live chat triggers to announce the details as soon as a visitor lands on your site.

If the special offer is limited to email subscribers only, for example, then you can set the trigger to display the message based on the UTM campaign and source parameters.

Chat message examples:

  • Interested in our special offer? Chat for more information.
  • It’s [Occasion] 🎉 Don’t forget to use our special discounts today.
  • Enjoy our [Occasion] offer! Want to chat first?
  • Did you know that everyone who signs up today can get a [%] discount? 🥳

Chat trigger logic:

8. Idle or lingering

Sometimes visitors get stuck or distracted, which means there has been no activity for a set duration. You can proactively target these visitors with an offer of help to get their attention.

Chat message examples:

  • Have any questions about our security measures? I’m happy to help.
  • Feeling stuck? Let us help you get out of the mire!

Chat trigger logic:

  • Time on page -> is greater than -> 200 seconds

9. Browsing your FAQ section

Customers browsing your FAQ section are looking for answers. Letting visitors know you’re around to support them if they have queries prevents them from leaving your site with unanswered questions.

You could use live chat triggers to start a conversation when they land on the FAQ page, scroll down to the FAQ section, or after they have been on the page for a specific duration.

Chat message examples:

  • Chat to us for quick answers to your questions!
  • Can’t find the answer to your question? Chat with us.
  • No answers here to your query? Our support team is ready and waiting.

Chat trigger logic:

  • Current page URL -> equals -> [https://yourwebsite.com/faq/]
  • Time on page -> is greater than -> 200 seconds
  • Scroll depth -> is greater than -> 75%

10. Clicked through to your ‘contact us’ page

When a visitor clicks through to your ‘contact us’ page, they likely want to speak to you.

You can use a live chat trigger based on the page title to ping an instant message that you’re available now to chat online, via WhatsApp messenger, or via a callback.

Chat message examples:

  • We’re available via live chat! Leave a message to get in touch.
  • Chat with our agents to get quick help.

Chat trigger logic:

11. High shopping cart value

You can also set live chat triggers to start a conversation when a customer has a high shopping cart value. For example, you might offer a full concierge service to guide customers through the checkout process and help them make the right choices. Or you might simply offer to help with any questions at the checkout.

Chat message examples:

  • Hi! Let us know if you need a hand with your shopping today.
  • Hi! We offer a full concierge service if you’d like help with your purchase today.

Chat trigger logic:

12. Visitor is hesitating at the checkout

You can set live chat triggers to target customers that linger or hesitate during the checkout process so that you can answer any concerns and help them make their purchase.

Chat message examples:

  • You’re almost there! Is there anything I can help with?
  • Need help with finishing your order? I’m here to help.
  • Not sure this is what you want? Don’t worry, we all have second thoughts. Let’s help you clear that up, shall we?

Chat trigger logic:

How to Set Up Chat Triggers On Your Website

There are plenty of ways to target your visitors proactively.

With JivoChat, you get access to a comprehensive administration panel where you can configure your proactive live chat settings:

You can easily create multiple, customized messages for specific purposes. For example, you can:

  • Determine whether you want to use smart triggers on every page or only selected pages.
  • Choose to have different conditions for when your support team is online or offline.
  • Create a proactive message based on several chat triggers simultaneously.

Are you ready to start using proactive live chat support in your organization?

Improve your customer support and website conversion rate with JivoChat’s omnichannel messenger. Get started for free today!

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