5 Best Plugins to Reduce WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Rates

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Igor Shekotihin
Igor Shekotihin
Head of International Growth

"I am super satisfied with my cart abandonment numbers!" Said no WooCommerce store owner, ever.

Cart abandonment is when a site visitor adds a product to their online cart then leaves without completing checkout. It’s the digital equivalent of walking into a physical store and putting an item in your shopping basket, then changing your mind and walking out without buying anything.

According to Statista, up to 70% of online shoppers will abandon their cart. While there’s no way to eliminate this unfortunate fact of life, there are ways to reduce the abandonment rate on your WooCommerce store.

To do this, we need to first understand why customers are ditching their cart, then find ways to address these reasons.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Common Reasons for WooCommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • How to Reduce WooCommerce Cart Abandonment

  • How to Recover Abandoned Carts on WooCommerce

  • 5 Best WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Plugins and Tools

Common Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment on WooCommerce Stores

Before you can reduce the number of cart abandonments on your WooCommerce store, you need to know why customers are dropping off in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Not ready to buy

Sometimes it’s not you, it’s them. The customer simply might not be ready to buy just yet. They could be window-shopping, doing product comparisons, or planning a future purchase.

In other words, this reason is nothing personal to your product or checkout experience. It just means the customer wasn’t planning on completing checkout in the first place.

Hidden shipping costs

Imagine adding a cool hat to your online cart thinking it’s going to cost you $20, only to find out at the checkout page that the site charges $10 for shipping. Sheesh, that’s half another hat!

Surprise shipping costs are the number one reason for WooCommerce cart abandonment, especially for shoppers who only wanted to buy a single item. Most shoppers expect to see the final cost of their purchase, including shipping and taxes, before they reach the checkout page.

Baymard averaged the results from 44 studies and found that almost 50% of shoppers will abandon their carts because of these hidden costs.

And yet, most online stores don’t calculate and display shipping costs until late into checkout, after the shopper has entered their address. Don’t be one of those stores.

Mandatory account creation

According to Baymard, 28% of shoppers won’t complete checkout when they’re required to create an account to do so.

Especially when the form to create said account has a ton of fields to fill out! This was supposed to be a shopping trip, not an admin shift. Chances are, your almost-customers will be frustrated over the wasted time and abandon their shopping cart.

High pricing

You might be thinking, if the price was high, why did the shopper add the item to their cart in the first place?

Oftentimes, online shoppers will add desired items to their cart and then do the same thing on one or more other sites to see which one comes out to the best final price. Whichever cart was more expensive will be abandoned.

For this reason, it’s important to regularly compare your prices to those of your competitors–before your customers do.

Lack of trust

If your website looks sketchy (we’re talking few or poor reviews and missing security badges and certificates), don’t be surprised when your cart abandonment is high.

To buy something online, shoppers need to provide a lot of sensitive information, like their credit card and billing information. If your website doesn’t look trustworthy, shoppers will be more hesitant to hand this information over.

Complicated checkout process

21% of shoppers will abandon their cart because the checkout process is too long or complicated.

Many online stores have around 15 form fields for shoppers to fill out to complete checkout. According to Baymard, however, 7-8 fields is ideal if you want shoppers to actually fill them all out.

When it comes to checkout design, less is more. The fewer steps a shopper needs to take to complete checkout, the less chance they have to abandon the process.

Poor support

No matter how seamless your checkout experience is, if you don’t address shoppers’ questions at the right time throughout the flow, you’ll end up with an abandoned cart.

Sure, you might have an FAQ page on your website. But how findable is it? Is it scannable enough for your visitors to actually read it?

Including relevant information at the right times throughout the checkout process will help instill confidence in shoppers. Better yet, having the option to live chat with a customer service rep to get any questions they have answered right away can be a game-changer.

Lack of payment options

Everyone has a preferred payment method, whether it’s Visa, Amex, or PayPal. Ensuring these different methods are accepted on your WooCommerce store allows you to cater to all audiences.

How to Reduce WooCommerce Cart Abandonment

Now that we’ve gone over what causes WooCommerce cart abandonment, let’s go over some ways to reduce it.

Provide discounted or free shipping

Source: Structube

Hidden shipping costs are the biggest reason for cart abandonment. To fix that, it’s important to—first off—provide discounted or even free shipping.

An information bar positioned at the top of your site is the most common way to let customers know you offer free shipping.

If you can’t afford to provide free shipping, then you need to make sure shoppers can see what their total will be inclusive of shipping before they enter the checkout flow.

Offer multiple payment options

Source: ADIDAS

Offering multiple payment options will make sure you’re catering to all of your potential customers’ preferred methods. For example, some shoppers refuse to enter their credit card information online and will only use PayPal.

Similarly, some customers prefer to use Google Wallet and Apple Pay, two methods that have yet to become standard quite yet. Adding these to your WooCommerce site can help set you apart and take your visitors to the checkout finish line.

Include loads of social proof and trust icons

A lot of people are wary about entering their personal details online, like their contact information, credit card number, and shipping address, if they don’t see recognizable trust logos.

Baymard found that "seals from well-known consumer-facing brands, like Norton and Google, perform very well."

Some examples of seals you could use are:

  • Money-back guarantee seals

  • Secure payment icons

  • Logos of accepted payment options

  • SSL security badges

  • Industry award badges

When shoppers see these icons on your WooCommerce site, it will increase their confidence in the legitimacy of your site, and the risk of them abandoning their cart will be far less likely.

Allow guest checkout

Source: Crate & Barrel

Look, we totally get the rationale behind asking shoppers to create an account to complete their purchase. Getting their email address and being able to recognize their purchase decisions will mean you can offer them personalized marketing. On the other hand, however, it could also cost you sales.

When asked, 28% of online shoppers said they would abandon their cart if they had to create an account, arguing that this was asking for too much and made the overall buying process too complicated.

By offering a guest checkout option, you can leave it up to customers to leave their information, or simply complete their purchase without signing up. You could always try offering incentives like loyalty programs to motivate them to choose the prior option!

Offer live chat support

Live chat = higher conversion rates. Oftentimes, a shopper will have a question or concern blocking them from buying something.

Implementing live chat software (like JivoChat) will empower you to offer support during the checkout process, allowing shoppers to get their questions answered in real-time and complete their purchase.

Shoppers like to chat with real humans, so ideally you’d have a dedicated team of support specialists on hand to offer personalized responses. But you could also use chatbots to deliver pre-programmed responses that use natural language. Doing this will have a huge impact on reducing cart abandonment in your WooCommerce store.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts on WooCommerce

There are a lot of tactics to recover abandoned carts on WooCommerce, but these are some of the more actionable and effective ones.

WooCommerce abandoned cart emails

If the shopper entered their email address during the checkout process before abandoning their cart, you have the opportunity to send them an abandoned cart email. This usually includes an offer or promo code to motivate them to come back and complete their purchase.

WooCommerce abandoned cart retargeting

Another effective cart recovery tactic is ad retargeting. This when you place an ad pixel on your checkout page so that if shoppers do abandon cart, you can then remarket the products in their cart to them on external platforms like Google and Facebook.

This is great because it lets you capture shoppers that started checkout, even if you weren’t able to get their email address yet.

WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins

One of the biggest benefits of using WooCommerce is their growing library of free and paid extensions to help you enhance your logistical, technical, and marketing needs. Abandoned cart recovery being one of them.

We’ll go more into the best plugins and tools for your WooCommerce store next.

5 Best WooCommerce Cart Abandonment and Recovery Plugins

Ready to start recovering some of those abandoned carts? Here are the top 4 WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins to help you do just that.

Best free WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin: Retainful

Source: Retainful

Retainful is an easy-to-use tool that can be added to your WooCommerce store and help recover abandoned carts by sending shoppers a series of follow-up emails. No coding required.

You can choose the number of abandoned cart reminder emails you want to send out and build them easily using templates. Retainful also lets you send coupon codes that shoppers can use on their next order to further incentivize them to come back and complete their purchase.

This plugin is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version starting at $15 per month. There’s also a "Pay for what you use" offer available for up to 2000 contacts.

Key features:

  • Automatically send abandoned cart reminders to shoppers when they leave something in their cart

  • Continue to follow up with shoppers automatically with a strategically timed email sequence that stops once the cart has been recovered

  • You can send unlimited abandoned cart email reminders

  • Personalize emails with the shopper’s name and more through shortcodes

  • Generate detailed cart abandonment reports that include recovered value, abandoned cart value, and more

  • Generate unique coupon codes (percentage or flat price) on each purchase

  • Include expiration dates on coupons to drive buying urgency

  • Earn more customers through the Retainful referral program which sends a refer-a-friend link to your customers after their purchase

Best premium plugin: WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Source: CodeCanyon

This WooCommerce plugin helps you recover abandoned carts by tracking both registered and guest shoppers and notifying them via email when they leave an item in their cart without checking out.

The abandoned cart recovery emails can be made to include coupons with expiry dates to urge customers to move quickly in their purchase decision.

The WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin is available for a one-time fee of $49.

Key features:

  • Track and records abandoned carts

  • Recover abandoned carts with automated emails

  • Email templates make designing your emails easy

  • Works for both account holders and guests

  • User Click on emails is recorded for you to analyze which templates work best

  • Choose exactly what time you want recovery emails to be sent

  • Automatic coupon code generation

  • WPML, WPML String Translation, and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility for email (you’ll need all these 3 Plugins for multi-language email functionality)

  • Captures phone numbers as well for manual follow-up

Best multi-currency WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin: YITH

Source: YITH

What sets YITH apart from other WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins is its multi-currency compatibility. This is perfect for WooCommerce stores operating in multiple countries.

YITH works by sending coupons and customized emails to shoppers who have abandoned their cart. This works for both registered and guest users, as long as they’ve provided their email addresses during the checkout process.

You can choose how many follow-up emails to send out before the plugin empties all the abandoned carts that weren’t recovered.

The premium version of this plugin starts at $79.99 per year.

Key features:

  • Supports WooCommerce Multi-Currency (WOOMC)

  • WPML compatibility lets you recover the domain where carts are abandoned to customize emails with the correct language

  • Choose when to empty all abandoned carts that weren’t recovered

  • Works with both registered account holders and guests

  • Detailed reporting of all carts that were recovered by the plugin, as well as which as a list of all abandoned carts

  • Create different types of emails for your shoppers

  • Highly customizable email templates

  • Automatically generate coupon codes

Best premium re-engagement plugin: Follow-Ups for WooCommerce

Source: WooCommerce Follow-Ups

Follow-Ups for WooCommerce is another great plugin option. When added to your store, it’ll engage your customers by creating custom drip campaigns based on their interests and purchase history. This includes—you guessed it—cart recovery emails.

Follow-Ups is a paid solution that can be found in the official WooCommerce extensions store and costs $99 per year.

Key features:

  • Simple email creation

  • Group follow-ups into drip campaigns

  • Detailed reporting

  • Capture both registered account holders and guests


  • Google Analytics integration

  • Free and custom templates

  • Personalized coupons

Best free WooCommerce extension for omnichannel support: JivoChat for WooCommerce

JivoChat provides an omnichannel eCommerce experience to your WooCommerce store visitors. You can re-engage shoppers through multiple different digital channels from the dashboard and help reduce abandonment.

What do we mean by omnichannel? Live chats on your website, messages to your Facebook page, messages to your company’s email address, and calls to a phone number in any country all go to one convenient JivoChat app.

So your customers can message you through the platform they like best, and you only need to check one inbox to see them all.

Key features:

  • Track your shoppers in real-time and proactively initiate live chats with them based on conditions you’ve set

  • Access Facebook messages easily without needing to log in or open a new tab

  • Automatically translate live chat conversations in both directions instantly and fluently

  • Create pre-written messages and send them by using hotkeys so you can quickly respond to common questions

  • See the messages that visitors are typing before they hit "send," to give you more time to respond effectively

  • CRM Integrations, API, Webhooks, and Mobile SDK let you connect your other tools to JivoChat to build out a robust support system

  • Instant callbacks

  • 24/7 support

Stop Losing Customers

No matter what you do, sometimes, shoppers are just going to abandon their cart. The key is not to forget about those people. Instead, figure out ways to bring them back.

To recap, offering free shipping, multiple payment options, social proof, and allowing guest checkout are a few possible tactics.

Many users also expect support throughout their shopping experience. An omnichannel business messenger like JivoChat is a great place to start. Try it for free.

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