TikTok Live Gifts: How They Work

updated May 23, 2024
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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TikTok live gifts can be a useful resource for content creators who are looking for new ways to monetize their work and expand their reach. When you live stream on TikTok, the viewers have the opportunity to send you rewards, which can be turned into real money after. 

Your audience can show appreciation for your live stream by sending the Video Gifts, while you have a community to support you to continue creating content. For TikTok, it's also interesting to offer this possibility because it encourages more digital influencers to use the platform. Check out the article to learn more about this.  

What Are TikTok Live Gifts?

TikTok has a feature called Video Gifts, which are rewards that the user buys to give to creators in their video comments, and live video comments too. The gifts given during a live stream are the TikTok live gifts. 

They can be acquired using the platform currency, which is called TikTok coins. You will purchase packages of them for an amount of money, then buy the video gifts. Each gift is represented by a different emoji, and the price varies as well. 

The image shows TikTok live gift icons

Some of the TikTok Live Gifts Currently Available are: 

Rose: 1 coin

Weights: 1 coin

TikTok: 1 coin

Cat Paws: 1 coin

Ice Cream Cone: 1 coin

Chili: 1 coin

Football: 1 coin

Enjoy Music: 1 coin

Mini Speaker: 1 coin

Tennis: 1 coin

It's Corn: 1 coin

Finger Heart: 5 coins

Sneakerhead: 1 coin

Cloud Bread: 1 coin

Basketball: 1 coin

Panda: 5 coins

Fire: 5 coins

Mic: 5 coins

Big Love: 5 coins

Guacamole: 6 coins

Hand Wave: 9 coins

Lollipop: 10 coins

Balloons: 10 coins

Gamepad: 10 coins

Chicken leg: 10 coins

Pretzel: 10 coins

Cake: 20 coins

Hand Hearts: 100 coins

Flowers: 100 coins

Confetti: 100 coins

Sunglasses: 199 coins

Crown: 199 coins

Butterfly: 199 coins

Disco Ball: 1000 coins

Shooting Stars: 1580 coins

TikTok Universe: 34,999 coins

As you can see, there is a wide range of gifts that users can choose from, according to how many coins they have. You will need to collect an exact number of video gifts to exchange them for TikTok diamonds, which can be turned into cash. 

How to Earn TikTok Live Gifts

TikTok live

To earn TikTok live gifts, the first step is to enable users to send them to you. However, to enjoy this feature you must meet the following requirements: 

If you meet all the criteria, access the TikTok app, go to your profile, click on "Creator Tools", select the option "Video Gifts", and swipe right on the button next to it. If you aren't eligible, TikTok will notify you about that. 

Then, it's time to allow TikTok Live gifts, follow the same steps, but instead of "Video Gifts", select the option  "Live Gifts", follow the instructions, and start live streaming.

How to Collect TikTok Diamonds

Once you go live, and users start sending you TikTok live gifts, they are turned into diamonds.  One diamond is worth half a coin, therefore if you receive flowers, which are worth 100 coins, you get 50 diamonds. Each diamond is worth 5 US dollars cents, so 50 diamonds are worth $2,50. 

To collect diamonds, you need to receive Video Gifts when you live stream on TikTok or through the comments on your videos. It's important to highlight, though, that It doesn't mean that you are going to get gifts at every live or video you make on the platform.  To achieve that, you need to deliver high-quality content to your audience.

It's necessary to know very well who your target audience is, create marketing strategies to interact with them and promote engagement. They need to value your videos and TikTok lives to feel compelled to send rewards. It's fundamental to build a loyal base of fans that want to support your work. To do that, you need to give them valuable content. 

When you are recording a TikTok live, the viewers can send the gifts in real time. When someone gives a gift during the live stream, the emoji that represents it appears on the screen, which is an opportunity to thank the person for the support. 

How to Exchange TikTok Diamonds For Cash

To be able to exchange TikTok diamonds for cash, you need to gain the number of diamonds that equals $100,00. As each diamond is worth 5 US dollars cents, you need to have at least 2,000 diamonds to withdraw money. 

To check how many diamonds you have, access your TikTok profile, click on the menu icon, choose the option "Settings and privacy;" then click on balance. You will be able to check not only the number of diamonds, but also the number of coins you have, and the transactions that you have made on TikTok. 

If you have reached the minimum rate, just link a PayPal account to receive the money. The amount you will receive may vary according to the rates TikTok applies. The platform doesn't allow users to assign diamonds to any other user. 

How to Send TikTok Live Gifts

TikTok live showing the gift options

If you want to support the work of your favorite TikTok creators, it's very easy to send gifts. But, first, you have to buy coins:

1 - Enter your account and go to your TikTok profile;

2 - Click on the menu icon;

3 - Select the option "Settings and privacy"; 

4 - Click on Balance

5 - Click on "Recharge" and choose how many coins you want to buy;

6 - Finalize the purchase with the app store you use, such as Apple Pay or Google Play Store.

After you have bought the coins, open the TikTok live from the creator you wish to reward, and click on the gift icon. Select the gift according to the number of coins you are willing to spend, and send it. The gift will appear on the live screen. 

Make Lives To Monetize With TikTok

Now that you have learned what TikTok live gifts are, you can expand your means of profiting with your content by making lives through this platform. If you already have a considerable audience, even better, use your other social media platforms to encourage people to follow you on TikTok and watch your lives. 

It's also necessary to educate your audience, by showing them how important their support is, and the time and resources you invest to deliver them the content you create. They must understand why your work live streaming on TikTok deserves their attention, and why they should send Tik Tok live gifts.

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