8 applications to help improve your writing on social media

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Clayton Quist
Clayton Quist
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If you’re in charge of managing content on social media sites, you’ll probably be pretty busy. As well as working daily to create new types of posts, you need to maintain control over how often you post and what is written on each publication. A mistake published on social media sites could have no consequences at all, but it could also have disastrous effects, like your company becoming an online joke. It could even lead to disgruntled clients, if you make a mistake when advertising a special offer. To avoid committing this kind of mistake, we’ve put together a list of 8 apps that will help you to write better on your social networks!

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1. Ulysses

This is one of the best applications for helping you write better, no matter where you are. Ulysses is a mobile text editor that lets you open any kind of text archive and edit it immediately. The tool also lets you convert documents into other formats. For example, you can convert a Word doc into Google Documents, and you can even export it to WordPress. This is an excellent iPhone app for anyone who wants to run a blog for their ecommerce. Click on the link to find out more about Ulysses.


2. Writefull

This web app is a good option for checking if you’re using specific term in the right way. Rather than working like a spell-checker, it takes whatever section of text you select and compares it with Google to see how it’s normally written in other articles or books. As well as listing and showing various variations of this piece of text, it can also translate it to the language of your choice. Find out more about Writefull on their page.

3. Easy Word Count

This is an ideal tool for anyone that needs to post on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram, which have character limits. Easy Word Count is one of the most precise online word counting tools. The app works through on its own page and is free. You only need to copy and paste the text to see your results. You can edit the text in the box itself and it will keep updating the word count whilst you write.

Easy Word Count

4. Synonym dictionary

Another free online app for writing better quality text on social media, Synonym is the ideal tool for avoiding repetition, which can weaken your texts. Just type a word you don’t want to repeat in the box and the site will instantly give you similar words that you can use to give your article a bit of variety. Click on the link to start using the dictionary.

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5. Plagiarism Checker

Even the most creative writer in the world needs references. The problem when you’re writing texts for social media sites or blogs is that, sometimes accidentally, a passage can end up being very similar to one of the references you’re using. This is where Plagiarism Checker comes in.

Simply go to the page, paste your text click enter and the tool will start investigating whether you’ve committed plagiarism. You can also upload an archive rather than copy and pasting your article.

Plagiarism Checker

6. Writerack

This was especially created for profiles and businesses that use Twitter. If you need to go over the 140-character limit, you don’t have to write out each tweet separately on the social network. Writerack takes your text and splits it into various tweets, publishing them separately. Click on the link to check out Writerack. All you need to do is login with your Twitter account to start publishing longer tweets.

7. ByWord 2

This writing app for social networks is a way of centralising your documents and sending them to a cloud storage service. What’s more, ByWord 2 lets you write with no distractions. However you access it, you only need to login and you can keep working on any text. Find out more about about Byword 2 by visiting their page. The app is available for Macs, iPhones and iPads.

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8. Language Tool

If you’re writing in a language other than English, it can be difficult to find applications for helping you write better on social media sites in the language in question. Language Tool is free and offers instant corrections, as well as suggestions for improving your writing.

Language Tool

It detects your computer’s language and automatically offers a spell-checker in the language. What’s more, it also has a Google Chrome browser extension so that you can access it directly. If you’re using a different browser, just directly head to their site.

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Which performance-enhancing apps does your business use on a day to day basis?

Although lots of these apps can help you optimise your time, avoid unnecessary repetitions, and make menial tasks automatic, using too many apps can have the opposite effect. That’s why it’s important to consider which applications will be of most use to you. Some of the apps we’ve mentioned here won’t only help you to write well on social networks, they can also help you respond to a question or complaint in a clear and correct manner. Apps like Language tool can be really useful in these situations. To find out more about online customer service, don’t forget to check out what [Jivochat has to offer] (/features/), and look at the [payment plans] (/pricing/) we have available.

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