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How to enable the Regions feature

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The “Regions” feature can be used to redirect visitors requests to the nearest department of your company. In the “Regions” section you can add agents and configure settings for selected geographical areas.

For example, if your company has branch offices in Texas and Florida, then your visitors from Texas will be connected with agents in the Texas department and visitors from Florida will be connected with the Florida department. The distribution will be made automatically based on IP addresses of the visitors.


You can configure individual settings (design, labels, triggers and etc.) for every region and monitor statistics of the regions separately.

How to enable the “Regions” feature.

You should open the admin panel, click on the “Settings” button under the website name and activate the “Regions” feature.


You should add as many regions as you have branch offices. The main site becomes a “Default region” and it gets those visitors who do not belong to any of created regions.



After these steps you will be able to add agents to each region and configure them.


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