6 Cart Abandonment Email Templates Examples

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Are you looking for cart abandonment email templates? Sending this type of email when you have an ecommerce is a practice that can help you sell more. Many people give up on purchasing the final step when they have already added all the products to their cart and are going to enter the payment information.

However, they end up having second thoughts and closing the ecommerce page without buying anything. Does it mean you lose this sale opportunity completely? Certainly not, and the cart abandonment email is a practical action that has the potential to convince the customer to go back and finalize the purchase. 

It's important, though, that the email is well-written and compelling. You need to give convincing reasons for the consumer that they will benefit from recovering the abandoned cart. It's possible to do that by offering a coupon discount, for example. Check out the article and enjoy the email templates that can inspire you. 

Why Send a Cart Abandonment Email?

Cart abandonment email have a high opening rate, 40%, which means considerable chances of conquering a new customer. From the opened emails, 21% of them received click-throughs.

Besides, half of the customers who clicked on the links in the email, completed the purchase. Sometimes, the person just needs an incentive to convince themselves that the purchase is worth it. The email may be exactly what is going to turn a lead into a customer, not sending cart abandonment emails means losing business opportunities.

Although, it's fundamental to consider that it isn't any email that has the potential to increase sales rates. It needs to be well-constructed, and you must comprehend what the demands of your target audience are, and write an abandonment cart email that offers solutions to them. 

Cart Abandonment Email Structure

What should a cart abandonment email template contain? Follow this structure to avoid forgetting important details: 

  • Attractive subject line;
  • Introduction text;
  • Products left in the cart
  • Benefit offer like a discount, and advantage that compels the customer to complete the purchase;
  • Call to action (CTA);
  • Reviews or social proof;
  • Conclusion.

Cart Abandonment Email Best Practices


Put yourself in the customer's shoes, how do you feel when you receive a generalized email compared to a personalized one? The second option shows that the company cares about the customer, and pays attention to them.

Details like starting the email with the person's name make all the difference. Use them when you create your cart abandonment email template. Also, include the products that the customer left behind in the cart. 


The email content needs to be persuasive, coherent and give reasons why the buyer should make the purchase. When the person opens the email, the copywriting has to be good in order to make them keep reading and feel compelled to click through. Use a tone of speech that's aligned with your brand's identity, which your target audience can identify with. 

Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) has the purpose of convincing the reader to follow the action you wish them to take, in this case, recover the abandoned cart and buy the products left. A good CTA must be short, direct, and clear. 

You can insert it in the form of a button that the customer will click and be redirected to their cart. Some examples of CTAs are "buy now", "complete your order", 

Attractive Subject Lines

Before even opening the email, the customer will see the subject line in their mailbox, and it needs to be interesting enough to make them want to open the email. 

You can use different tactics when writing the subject line, for example, make a question that will instigate their curiosity, call attention to a promotional offer like "20% discount only with this email", stimulate the sensation of FOMO (fear of missing out), or use humor. 

Social Proof

When you go buy something online, do you check the reviews? 93% of consumers read reviews before deciding to complete a purchase on a website. They have a considerable impact on the buyer's decision, being an important convincing factor.

Therefore, try to include social proof in your company cart abandonment email. This is a way to offer one more reason for the customer to recover the abandoned cart. 


Sending the cart abandonment email at the right time is crucial to have good results with that tactic. Send the email within just a few hours after the customer abandoned the cart, don't wait more than 24 hours. Enjoy the fact that the person is probably still with the products she was looking at in mind.

If you send the cart abandonment email a week after, for instance, there are high possibilities that the person already lost interest or bought the same products from a competitor. Timing is fundamental, keep that in mind. 

Cart Abandonment Email Templates Examples

1. Google Store

Google store cart abandonment email template

The Google store cart abandonment email instigates the fear of missing out when it emphasizes that the product stock is almost finished but also offers a benefit, free shipping. It has a clean design that focuses on showing the product,  and a direct CTA ``View your cart". When the customer sees the message, they can easily identify what to do. 

2. Casper

Casper cart abandonment email template

Image source

The Casper cart abandonment email template uses humor to catch the reader's attention. The company is specialized in mattresses, so the sentence "Come back to bed" has everything to do with its brand. Besides, it's funny.

Not only the copywriting matters but also the design. The main message is highlighted with the letters in a different color and in a bigger size. Below it, the customer can see the product left in the cart and follow the CTA "Return to Cart", which is also highlighted. 

At the end of the email, there is a customer statement, which is great to give credibility and show why the person should make the purchase.

3. Whiskey Loot

Whiskey Loot cart abandonment email template

Image source 

The Whiskey Loot cart abandonment email template gives several reasons that highlight its product qualities, and in a very convincing way. The reader can easily identify why it's a high-quality product that deserves their attention. 

Beyond this, it also explains what the customer will receive in the box, and offers to help them with any doubts they have. The call to action is highlighted inside a blue rectangle, so the reader knows exactly where to click next.

4. Ugmonk 

Uggmonk cart abandonment email template

Image source

Ugmonk created a personalized email where it shows concern to what made the customer give up on the purchase. The copywriting is developed in the tone of a conversation, which makes the reader feel closer to the brand, and see they matter to the company. 

5. Dote

Dote cart abandonment email template

Image source

Once more, we can see humor being used as a strategy to attract the customer in this cart abandonment email template from Dote. The initial line "Your shopping has abandonment issues" catches the reader's attention, who can see the abandoned item right below and easily click on the highlighted call to action button.

6. Ruggable

Ruggable cart abandonment email template

 Image source

This cart abandonment email template gives valuable benefits to the customer, free shipping and 15% discount. Notice that these advantages are placed at the beginning of the email and written in big letters, so the customer can quickly see them.  

Test Different Types of Cart Abandonment Email Templates

Now that you have gotten to know some cart abandonment email templates, remember to consider your target audience profile before choosing one of them. Analyze important key performance indicators such as opening rate, click-through rate, and sales rate. Test different formats to see the one that performs better, and keep enhancing the email content.

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