16 Websites Where to Find Copyright Free Images

updated October 7, 2022
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
Content Manager

Copyright free images are extremely useful when you are developing a website or producing content for social media, but you don't have a budget to invest in buying stock photos. Several creators put their images available for free use on website image banks. 

You will be able to find photos and illustrations of different themes, nature, technology, people, and so on. It's important though to always pay attention if the image has a free license for commercial use, or only for personal use. There are also creators who allow the use of the pictures, but if you include the source of the image on your post. 

We have separated a list of websites that contain thousands of copyright free images, check them out, and enjoy them to produce even more interesting content with eye-catching pictures. 

1 - Canva

Canva free plan gives you access to thousands of images and templates for different uses. You will find pictures in high resolution, with different sizes. You can search for topics like food, business, school, flowers, landscapes, and much more. Another advantage is that you are able to enjoy Canva editor tools as well.

It offers you an easy-to-use editor where you will choose the template, for example, to create a website banner, and customize it by adding the images you wish, choosing the colors, font, and inserting other graphic elements. 

Canva stock photo page

2 - Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the most popular stock images. On the website, there are available high-resolution pictures taken in vertical and horizontal mode, so you can use the ones that fit your purpose better, for example, to create Instagram stories, or to illustrate a blog article. 

It provides you with copyright free images of current events, fashion, food and drink, nature, and health and wellness, for instance. Besides, you will encounter wallpapers, texture and pattern images, and 3D renders too. 

Unsplash home page

3 - Pexels

With Pexels, you have the opportunity to download thousands of copyright free images. All of the photos available on the website can be used for commercial purposes, and attribution is not required. 

You can also edit them to make flyers, banners, advertisements, landing pages, and so on. Just type what you are looking for, and find the best picture for your design creation. Another advantage of Pexels is that it also has free stock videos in full HD and 4K. 

Pexels home page

4 - Pixabay

Pixabay has more than 2.6 million copyright free images, videos, and music so you have the opportunity to enhance your content. It also provides you with illustrations, vectors, and sound effects. You can create an account and download everything you need, from beautiful landscapes photos to 4K short videos. 

Search for the topic related to the type of image you are interested in, and click on it. On the right side of the page will see the information about the Pixabay license, showing if it's free for commercial use and if attributions are required. 

Pixabay home page

5 - Freerange

With more than 800,000 registered users, Freerange counts on a vast collection of photos, illustrations, and textures. All of them are licensed for commercial use and don't require any attribution. The images are divided into categories like animals, architecture, holidays, nature, sports, and transportation.

Freerange home page

6 - Burst

Burst is the free stock photos developed by Shopify where you can download thousands of pictures related to different topics, such as beauty, home, food, business, fitness, and fashion. There are also wallpapers, textures, and background images. 

Burst home page

7 - FreeImages

With FreeImages, you have the opportunity to download multiple kinds of images for personal and commercial use. The website has several picture collections of arts and design, games and cartoons, movies and music, outdoor activities, texture, and patterns. 

FreeImages home page

8 - Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository where you will find public domain and licensed educational media content, including pictures, videos, and audio. You can use and edit the pictures without having to pay anything, but it's necessary to credit the source and respect the terms specified by the author. 

Wikimedia Commons home page

9 - Flickr

Flickr is a platform where you can create a blog of your own, and share your pictures. Some people create private pages only to keep their photos organized in one place and share them with family and friends, but you will also find several creators who put their images available for commercial and free use. 

Flickr home page

10 - FreePik

FreePik provides you with high-quality photos, illustrations, vectors, templates, mockups, backgrounds, text effects, and fonts. You can use them to create banners, business cards, flyers, posters, infographics, and schedules, for example. 

The platform also offers an online editing tool, Wepik, which enables you to customize the Freepik templates, and doesn't require previous experience with design. 

FreePik home page

11 - Vecteezy

With Vecteezy, it gets easier to create your design projects since you can count on free vectors, videos and images as well. Search by category and download what you need, the website is constantly updated and you can use the media files for commercial purposes.

Vecteezy home page

12 - Life of Pix

The Life of Pix platform is a community of photographers where they can share their work with the world, and create an online portfolio. Beyond that, they also put their photos to be used for free. You can create an account, follow your favorite photographers, and download copyright images and videos. 

Life of Pix home page

13 - StockSnap

StockSnap has copyright free images added daily to its website. You can find high-resolution photos of nature, trips, art, and people, and use them as you wish. 

StockSnap home page

14 - Foodiesfeed

If you are creating a project specifically focused on food, the Foodiesfeed website is the perfect place to find the images you need. As the name suggests, it's specialized in food pictures, which are divided into several categories such as meat, pizza, healthy, cake, and drinks as well. Download them in full resolution and enjoy. 

Foodiesfeed home page

15 - Gratisography

Are you looking for creative, out-of-the-box copyright free images? The Gratisography website has a vast collection of them in collections like amusing animals, funky food, artsy architecture, and goofy grownups. 

Gratisography home page

16 - PicJumbo

Created in 2013, PicJumbo has become a reference when it comes to stock photo websites. Used by millions of people around the world, including bloggers, designers, and marketers, you can enjoy thousands of free images as well. Type the subject you are looking for and select the best picture for your project. 

PicJumbo home page

Now that you have found some of the best stock photo websites, enjoy their copyright free images to develop interesting content for your target audience. When choosing an image, keep in mind that it should be aligned with your brand's identity, and drive the reader's attention to the main message.

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