Tourism Websites: How Can They Use JivoChat?

updated September 9, 2022
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We all know how people tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to traveling. Such as "Which hotel should I book?" or "Which is the best destination for my travel" amongst so many other doubts. Tourism agencies are often sought to answer these questions, whether by customers looking for special deals or just trying to get some help while planning their own travel.

Not everybody wants to go personally to a Travel agency to deal with these things. And nobody should need to. A tourism website must be able to provide all the answers customers are looking for in order to retain them and be successful online. When it comes to delivering answers and high-quality customer service, no solutions beat a good online chat platform. Read on and find out how JivoChat can help your tourism company to sell more.

It impacts visitor’s trust in your company

The last thing visitors want when looking to book for tourism plans is their trip to go wrong. Therefore, finding a trustworthy tourism agency is the first step. Having an online chat on your website automatically boosts the confidence in your brand. That is because potential customers will be aware that there are real people available to answer absolutely all of their questions before they finalize a purchase.

For tourism websites, making customers feel comfortable and safe is critical. That’s not only mandatory to ensure the company’s success, but also to gain a competitive edge over other agencies. Companies will not be able to build confidence simply offering special deals and cheap rates. Instead, potential customers can find it suspicious when new businesses offer cheap deals without means to prove its service's reliability.

Building Trust

It’s the best way to deliver customer service online

Unlike knowledge bases or email support systems, online chats can deliver real-time personalized service of high quality to visitors. Often, customers planning to travel don’t want to wait any minute to get their questions answered. That is where JivoChat can give you the opportunity to deliver responsive support at the customer’s leisure.

Knowing that whichever questions that might come up can be answered immediately by your support representatives can be the deciding factor between browsing your tourism website offerings instead of your competitor’s.

What is JivoChat capable of

JivoChat is a complete online chat solution, but what does that mean for your tourism website? Here are some of the ways you can leverage JivoChat on your tourism page to increase your sales and grow your business.

  • Send a list of useful information and FAQs to customers about the places they’re planning to visit;
  • Share files directly through the online chat, such as beautiful pictures and portfolios from desired travel locations;
  • Tailoring personalized tourism plans and meeting customers’ demands;
  • Helping customers through the entire process, from assisting with making decisions to finalizing their purchases;

These are just a few examples of what JivoChat is capable of. Read on as we explore more benefits of having a great online chat solution on your website.

Set up automated responses

Also, online chats allow your representatives to reach out to visitors browsing your page through proactive greetings. These can be configured to happen when visitors are looking at your knowledge base page, reviewing the shopping cart or even before exiting your website. Sometimes a simple "how can I help you?" is all customers need before purchasing from you.

Automated messages can be configured to pop-up at the right time offering special deals, discount coupons and much more. This is a great way to generate more engagement with your visitors even when they don’t come to you with questions and doubts.

Chat Bots

All in one platform with JivoChat Telephony

You can configure your entire business line to work with JivoChat. In this way, your company will have access to chat, email, and phone communication on a single platform. There’ll be no need to use other third party services. JivoChat is able to generate reports, display your communications history and provide a multichannel phone number which will never appear as busy to your potential customers.

After talking to your visitors through a chat session, support representatives will be able to follow up later by calling them directly on their provided phone. Delivering so much convenience is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.

It allows you to segment your clients

Unlike cold formularies, an online chat easily allows your company to gather contact information from leads and segment them based on their preferences and interests. These can later be used on your email marketing campaigns when advertising special sales, promoting service’s updates and more.

Segmenting your contact base is one of the most important steps when it comes to increasing your marketing campaigns success and opening rates. You’ll be able to understand your target audience better and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly to have a much bigger impact.

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Integration with other platforms and be available on Mobile

JivoChat is able to integrate with different platforms such as Facebook Pages. Back your Facebook Ads campaign up with a well-configured chatbot that will get leads and generate engagement. Also, all data regarding chat sessions can be gathered on a single dashboard, allowing a better understanding of how well your company's customer service is performing in different platforms.

Being a flexible platform, JivoChat is also available for mobile devices. Travelers often rely on their smartphones and tablets to navigate online when traveling, making it critical for tourism companies to be mobile-ready. Today, companies that are unable to address customers browsing their pages on smartphones are failing to deliver quality service to more than 50% of the Internet traffic.

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Get a competitive edge and take off with JivoChat

Establish yourself in the tourism market as a trustworthy company that delivers high-quality customer service through the use of our complete communication platform. JivoChat will help you sell more while also providing insightful reports and ways to improve your services. Aside from all benefits mentioned, we also offer real-time visitor monitor, service quality ratings, CRM integrations and much more.

You can use JivoChat’s basic version free forever for up to 5 agents or experiment our Professional Version with a 14-days trial. Don’t waste more time losing potential customers, get JivoChat on your website right now!

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