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Jaqueline Corradi
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For small to big companies, counting on effective software such as Brevo, which provides solutions for multiple needs in sales and marketing can make a huge difference in productivity. 

It's fundamental to offer the right assets for your team, so they can give their best, which leads to more success.

Formerly Sendinblue, Brevo enables you to automate repetitive tasks, get to know your target audience better, identify sales opportunities, and much more. Check out the article to understand the tools it has and what they are used for. 

Brevo Overview

Follow your leads and convert more with Brevo

In 2012, Sendinblue was launched as a newsletter service, along the years the company has expanded its service considerably, which led to the name change, as well, Brevo. From a sole email marketing platform, this software-as-a-service (SaaS) business now offers a complete customer relationship management (CRM) suite. 

Landing page builder, Facebook ads management, deal tracking,  and customer insights are some of the tools offered by Brevo that make it stand out for the quality of its services. The company has received the awards of  Best Usability Mid-Market, Leader Small Business, and Best Relationship Mid-Market by the G2 Winter 2023 reportsi

Brevo Products:

  • Marketing Platform
  • Sales Platform
  • Transactional Email
  • Conversations 
  • Brevo Plus

Brevo Main Features:

Brevo features are divided into three main categories: communicate, engage, and manage. Each one is related to the solutions developed by the platform to improve customer relationships, and increase sales. 

Communication Features

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • WhatsApp campaigns
  • Live chat
  • Chatbot

Engagement Features

  • Automation
  • Signup forms
  • Facebook ads
  • Landing pages

Management Features

  • Meetings
  • Deal pipelines
  • Email API

Brevo Marketing Platform

Brevo marketing platform page

Brevo Marketing Platform is the place where you will manage your company marketing campaigns, as the name suggests. To build effective strategies that reach your target audience and turn them into customers, it's important to develop campaigns on multiple communication channels, for example, email, social media advertising, and SMS. 

One of the main advantages Brevo provides is that you can centralize all the marketing activities in a single platform. It becomes easier to keep track of each one, analyze their performance, and identify sales opportunities. Besides, it saves your team's time, allows them to focus on what really matters, and reduces the risks of error. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be used for multiple purposes, depending on the campaign's goal. It can be to acquire more information about your potential customers, nurture customer loyalty, and promote sales, for example. 

Brevo has an email design editor that enables you to use pre-built templates and personalize your emails as wish. You can choose the color palette, and the font type, then add, position, and resize images, graphic elements, and text. 

After personalizing the email, you can automate its sending based on the trigger actions you select. For example, a cart abandonment message is sent right after someone leaves your online store without completing a purchase. It's also possible to create segmented lists based on behavior and interests. 

Use the analytics tools to track how each email performs, and check out key performance indicators (KPIs), like open, click-through, and bounce rates. 

Landing Page Builder 

A landing page has the purpose of leading the visitor to follow a specific action, and it can be linked to an email, an SMS, or a WhatsApp message, for instance.

There are landing pages with call-to-action (CTA) buttons like "Buy Now", "Download the E-book", "Subscribe to the Newsletter", and so on. With Brevo, you have the option to build the landing pages for your marketing campaigns as you wish.

The platform has an intuitive page editor where you can choose a pre-built template or design the landing page from scratch. You don't need to know how to code to do that and launch your page. 

Another benefit is the mobile-friendly design, and you have the alternative of hosting the landing page on a Brevo subdomain. Integrate the landing page with Google Analytics to see how people interact with the content. 

SMS Campaigns

Brevo also allows you to create personalized SMS campaigns. You can trigger transactional SMS for automated notifications, for example, to let the customer know an order status, or give shipping updates. 

Inside the platform, you will be able to set up the message and define the ones who should receive it, You can segment contacts by location, purchase history, preferences, and much more. Then, monitor the delivery and conversion rates.

Facebook Ads

Manage and design your Facebook Ads on the Brevo platform. You can use your existing contacts to choose who to target or define them by preferences, age, and location, for example. After that, define the budget, and schedule the campaign, Facebook will take care of most of the tasks, and send performance reports too.

WhatsApp Campaigns

You can use WhatsApp as the channel for your marketing campaigns and design it according to the app's characteristics, but manage and receive the replies in Brevo. This way, you keep everything centralized and don't need to change from one app to another to follow up on the marketing actions. 

Sign Up Forms

Sign-up forms are a very useful tool to gain more leads. You can make a form inviting people to subscribe to your newsletter or to sign up for an event, for instance. 

Creating a sign-up form with Brevo is very simple. Enter your account, click on "create a subscription form", then design it the way you want. You can embed it in one of your website pages, include it in an email message, or share it via social media too.

Brevo Sales Platform

Brevo sales platform page

Marketing and sales strategies must work together and in synchrony for a company to grow and achieve its results. Considering that, you can enjoy the Brevo sales platform as well, which has several tools like pipeline management and customer insights. 

Deal Tracking and Pipeline Management

To avoid losing sales opportunities, it's crucial to follow up closely with potential deals and that's exactly what you can do with Brevo. You will get an overview of all deals to identify revenue opportunities and act upon them or notify your team about them. 

As each company has a different sales pipeline, you can create your own.  Set up deal stages to fit your business sales cycle. Also, Brevo gives you the option to automate repetitive tasks and create reminders for follow-ups, meetings, and more.

To optimize your work, import contacts in bulk, and organize your database by linking companies, deals, and other important information to each contact. Enjoy the platform to create a workflow, assign tasks, and prioritize leads. 


Brevo provides a space where you can manage your meetings and avoid losing any important appointments. You can create a personalized booking page and sync it to your calendar and working hours. Making it easier to check up on date availability and avoid scheduling two meetings at the same time. 

Organize the calendar by creating different types of meetings, like team meetings, client meetings, and demos. And, you may share the booking link wherever you want. To avoid losing time and money with cancellations, create no-show and late policies. 

Brevo Transactional Email Service

Brevo Transactional Email Service page

Transactional emails are the ones sent in the middle of transactions, as the name implies. This type of email is very important to keep the customer updated. For example when you make a purchase, and receive an email with the payment confirmation, or if you subscribe to a newsletter, and get a "thanks for your subscription" email right away. And, that's what this tool is for. 

Email API

With Brevo's API, you can send more than 120,000 emails a minute, and the software was carefully developed to guarantee a 99% deliverability rate. This means effective and quick service, so you can get to your target audience. 

Brevo's API guarantees your email will be delivered at the right time for the right people. You can trigger transactional emails, and track customer interactions to analyze the email performances. 

Brevo Pricing

Brevo offers multiple plan options, considering the needs of the different target audiences. And the good news is you can enjoy a free plan if you wish. With the free plan, you can enjoy some of the main platform features 

For example, it allows you to use the drag-and-drop editor, customizable email templates, CRM automation, task assignment, and pipeline management. And you can send 300 emails a day for free too.

The other plans are Starter, Business, and Brevo Plus. Some highlights of the Starter plan are basic reporting and analytics, no daily sending limit,  and email support. The Business plan includes other features like marketing automation, A/B testing, and multi-user access. 

The Brevo Plus is considered the most complete plan and has advantages like tailored onboarding, enterprise-grade security, sub-account management, personalized support, and flexible contract.

Summarizing Brevo Software

Evaluating the Brevo platform and services, we understand that the software offers an intuitive interface, which simplifies its implementation on different types of companies. During the onboarding process, your team can quickly learn how to use Brevo and make the most of all it has to offer 

Another crucial aspect is that the software was developed considering companies and customer needs. Therefore, Brevo provides effective solutions for common problems, which prevents you from acquiring other software that will just be left aside and forgotten.

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