12 Tips For Your Virtual Store Sell More On Black Friday

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An American tradition linked to Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a “holiday” of promotions that can be considered the first part of the Christmas season. We can consider this because these promotions aims to clear the stocks of the trades to receive new products for Christmas. Adopted also by other countries, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday already are customs quite established. To help prepare for the event, we’ve brought 12 tips for your virtual store to sell more on Black Friday without letting the ball fall!

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1. Use your online chat

Black Friday brings a considerable increase in the number of visitors to your page. This movement gets even bigger by creating good marketing campaigns on social networks and emails - spoiler: we will approach it in this list. That’s why it’s important to put great emphasis on online customer service to help these visitors find the deals and items they are looking for. If you do not already have an online chat in your online store, check out the features that Jivochat offers!

loja virtual black friday

Depending on the expected movement, it is worth bringing more operators or offering sales training to operators if they are not accustomed. To hire helpers, be sure to check out this text with 30 ways to achieve your first online sale.

2. Redeem discounts for extra services

The main reason Black Friday is busy are the discounts offered. But for those who have less ecommerce than big retailers, it is not always possible to compete with the discounts offered by them. To get around this disadvantage, try offering extra services related to the sale, such as shorter delivery time or free gift wrapping, for example.

3. Offer free services instead of discounts

If your ecommerce usually deals with heavy and overpriced freight, it is possible to exchange rebates for services such as free delivery, for example. Ideally, you should always offer a discount to get the consumer’s attention, but one strategy you can take is to offer a simulation of how much a customer would pay for transportation. In this way, he is aware that it is better to have a free shipping than with big discounts. If you can combine symbolic discounts with free delivery, it is even better for the buyer.

4. Increase Black Friday deadline

It’s been some time since Black Friday stopped happening just on Friday after Thanksgiving. Proof of this is Cyber Monday, another day of promotions, but connected to electronic devices such as smartphones and video games. So do not focus on just one day. Instead of just being on a Friday, your Black Friday can happen from one friday to the next!

Black Week

5. Offer discounts for future purchases

A more useful strategy to retain customers who found your store on Black Friday than an alternative to larger discounts from other stores. Offer a discount coupon so a buyer who came in on Black Friday is a way to increase their average sales level. That is, even with the drop in sales after the peak period of the promotions, you will still have a higher average level than before the promotions.

6. Generate expectations with campaigns on social networks

Your social networks will be your great allies to promote your Black Friday discounts. The possibilities are endless: a week before the date, can reveal how much discount will offer on a specific product, putting a new product every day, for example. Another option is to create a sweepstakes or contest in exchange for likes and shares so you can get more followers on your profile or page before the “holiday.”

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7. Create exclusive deals for loyal customers

While the increase in visits and rebates would appeal to shoppers who had never seen your store before, remember who was already faithful before that. You can use your customer email list and send exclusive promotions to this customer segment. In this way, the chances of a customer buying in his store are greater on that day, reducing the risks of his migrating his purchases to his competitors.


8. Improve your page rankings on Google

With increased searches for purchases, improving your ranking on Google for terms like “Black Friday discounts” “Black Friday 2017” and the like is a good way to get your online store to be found. So make sure your platform is optimized for SEO and if your business has a blog, start posting content on the topic right away.

Keep up with your growth in Google, do not miss this article with 16 steps to set up Analytics for your ecommerce. However, there is the warning: despite generating enough results, increasing the position of your pages on Google is something can take a few months.

9. Optimize your site for mobile

If your virtual store is not yet optimized to be accessed by mobile devices, do not waste any more time. Most consumers will receive their promotions and access your store through these devices, regardless of where they heard of your Black Friday promotions (email, social networks, leads, etc.). Our list of 20 websites to start your ecommerce have excellent options for creating virtual stores that can be viewed on these devices. It’s worth remembering that mobile-optimized sites are better ranked by Google and help you pay less on your Facebook ads.


10. Use and abuse email marketing

Email marketing is also a powerful ally to promote your Black Friday special discounts and services. With the list properly targeted, you can create multiple campaigns for different visitors. From exclusive promotions to loyal customers - as we talked about in item 7 - to offers to attract visitors who visited your site at least once, your reach and possibilities to create a single campaign become much larger than a campaign on social networks, for example .

11. Create a special landing page for the date

Be sure to create a landing page for Black Friday. An email marketing and social media campaign will be of little use if the landing page is just home, forcing the buyer to search for offers manually. He will not do it. So choose one of these tools to create landing pages for your ecommerce and create a landing page indicating your top deals by linking the visitor directly to the pages of those promotions.

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12. Perform maintenance on your site and prepare it for increased access

The recipe for failure on Black Friday is to totally neglect the state of your site. Every year, several virtual stores end up embittering not so positive results by not performing preventive maintenance on their pages and ending them off the air during one of the most delicate periods of the year. So make sure that you maintain your site so it does not fall even with the increase.

One tip to make the experience faster is to turn off external plugins that consume a lot of memory and are not as useful at the specific time. In the case of Black Friday, less firming means better performance. Better performance means better sales.


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Before we say goodbye, one more warning: it’s important that you start preparing your Black Friday as soon as possible! Discounts, services and gratuities must be defined, as well as policies such as special working hours to meet the demand, along with the marketing actions to be taken into consideration. Be sure to check out what features and plans Jivochat offers to get the best results for your online store!

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