How to Upload Resume to LinkedIn

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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Do you know how to upload resume to LinkedIn? This social media platform was developed to promote professional relationships and help companies find good candidates to fill their open positions.

Therefore, your resume must be updated and well-structured when you need to make it available on LinkedIn. Uploading it is a simple and quick process, whether on a computer or your smartphone.

When Upload a Resume To LinkedIn

There are many situations where it's necessary to know how to upload a resume to LinkedIn. For example, if you apply for a job through the platform, you must send your resume. In this case, it may be interesting to review it and analyze what skills and previous experiences you should highlight to show you are a match for the job position. 

Your LinkedIn profile is kind of a resume itself as it's a place where you can talk about your career, and your skills, and emphasize your qualities and professional achievements. To complete that, you have the option to share your resume in your profile. 

Another possibility LinkedIn offers is to attach your resume file to a post in your profile or in a group, for instance. Remember to always publish your resume as a PDF file, this shows professionalism and prevents people from altering your file.

How to Upload Resume to LinkedIn for Your Profile

1 - Login to your LinkedIn account;

2 - Click on "Jobs"

LinkedIn profile

3 - Click on the three dots on the side of the search area;

Jobs page on LinkedIn

4 - Select "Application settings";

5 - Click on "Upload resume" and that's it. 

Application settins page

You can follow the same steps whether you are on a mobile device or using a computer.

How to Upload Resume to LinkedIn for a Post

1 -  Login to your LinkedIn account

2 - On your LinkedIn home page you will see a space where it's written "start your post", click on it and paste your content there;

Start a post section on LinkedIn

3 - To add your resume, click on the documents icon;

Documents icon

4 - Upload your resume

5 - Click on "post". 

The Resume must be in a PDF file to be uploaded. If you are going to write an article, choose the option "write an article" at the beginning. 

How to Upload Resume to LinkedIn to Apply for a Job

If you are going to apply for a job through the easy apply feature offered by LinkedIn, it's very simple to understand how to upload resume to LinkedIn.If you have already uploaded your resume to your profile or posts, it may be saved on the platform. You only have to select it. 

Otherwise, what you have to do is: 

1 - Login to your LinkedIn account;

2 - Select the job opportunity you wish to apply for;

3 - Click on "Easy Apply";

4 - Answer all the questions

5 - A box will appear to add the resume, click on "Upload resume";

6 - Select your resume file;

7 - Click on next;

8 - Follow any other required steps and send your application. 

Benefits of Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn

Uploading your resume to LinkedIn may help you achieve the job position you wish for in the company you dream about. This is because recruiters from this company can see your profile become more interesting and check for your resume.

The other way around works as well if you are a recruiter looking for great professionals, allowing them to see your resume conveys credibility and strengthens the relationship between you and them.

LinkedIn is a space to cultivate new work relationships, to network. Having a good profile is the beginning, but your resume may also help with that. Make sure to put it in the right place. 

Enjoy LinkedIn's Opportunities

Now that you have learned how to upload resume to LinkedIn, it's time to put this into practice. Open your account and add your resume to make your profile even more complete and attractive. But, before that, check if your resume is well structured, saved as a PDF, and up to date.

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