15 Website Banner Templates

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Do you want to conquer more traffic to your website? Counting on high-quality website banner templates to make advertisement campaigns can help you. Do you know when you enter a page and there is a banner promoting a product, an ebook, or inviting you to check a blog post, you can use that strategy to reach a bigger audience.

To be successful, though, it’s necessary to choose the website you are going to advertise on carefully. Research your target audience to identify the content they like to read on the internet and find the websites they usually access. You need to be where your audience is.

Also, the banner design is crucial. It needs to be developed to catch the visitor’s attention and compel them to click on it. You may create website banners to post on your website too. For instance, if you have an ecommerce, you can create banners to display the sales and special discounts. 


1. Business Blog Banner

The Business blog banner has a modern design that matches different types of companies, including startups. The use of the colors helps to highlight the CTA. The image serves as a support to the message, but the main focus is the written text. It’s possible to use this template and adjust it according to your brand’s visual identity as well. 

Business blog banner

2. Fresh Start Blog Banner

The Fresh Start blog banner uses an attractive image as a background, its strong colors and high-resolution helps to catch the reader’s attention. You can insert your company’s slogan and the CTA right underneath it, or use this banner to promote a blog post, as in the image. 

Fresh Start banner

3. Bath and Body Ecommerce Web Banner

The Body Ecommerce Web Banner is a great example of how you can use a banner to promote your online store. You can use the image of a product from your brand, and align the colors to match the brand’s identity. They use neutral brown tones that remind of the bath salt color and put the CTA inside a black rectangle which makes it stand out. 

Bath and Body ecommerce banner template

Envato Placeit

4. Summer Giveaway

You can use banners in different formats and place them on the sides of a page, for example. The Summer Giveaway template is an example of that. It has a colorful design, which uses a floral print to match the theme. The main message is highlighted by the orange background. With Envato, you have the possibility to use this template and change the colors as it suits you better.

Summer Giveaway banner template

5. Christmas Tree

The holidays are a great opportunity to conquer more customers to your online store by creating special offers. You can make banners to announce the sales with a holiday theme. This one was built for Christmas time. Instead of a picture, it uses an illustration, which makes the design more modern. 

Christmas tree banner template

6. Black Friday

Events like Black Friday also require a special website banner, and it isn’t necessary to use many elements to build one. In this template, the minimalist design helps to avoid the readers from getting distracted, while the contrast between the black background and the yellow text emphasizes the message.

Black Friday banner template


7. Clothes Store

This website banner template is perfect for online stores to be put on the top of the page. You can use it to mention a discount, such as in the example, or to promote a specific product as well. The text is short and sends a direct message that gives a reason to the customer to buy, the call to action is very clear. 

Chlothes store banner template

8. Pets

The Pets template has a clean design with just a few graphic elements. The cat’s illustration with the word “pets” inside it makes the banner more interesting. While on the right side of the image, it’s easy to see the call to action and where to click, which is essential so the reader knows what to do next.

Pets banner template

9. Baby Products

Free shipping is a benefit that many customers look for online, and it can be the decisive factor for them to make a purchase. So, if you have that on your ecommerce, it’s important to highlight that advantage. That’s exactly what this banner does, developed for baby products, the light colors have everything to do with the theme just as the illustration. 

Baby products banner template


10. Look Beyond

You can also use website banner templates in the vertical format to put on the sides of a page, just like this one. Have you ever heard the phrase “less is more”? In design, it’s often true. Just using a few elements, it’s possible to show the brand’s identity and pass the main message of the banner, which instigates the viewer’s curiosity to click and discover more. 

Look Beyonde banner template

11. Travel Agency

The Travel Agency website banner template mixes multiple pictures in the background, which are from different destinations. To create a good contrast with the background, the text is written in black and white. Every time you design a banner, pay attention if it’s easy to read. 

Travel Agency banner template

12. Modern Architecture

The highlight of this template is the font type that is used, it’s modern, clean, and eye-catching, matching perfectly the concept of Modern Architecture. The image on the background complements the banner message and helps to make it more interesting. You can use this banner for different types of businesses by just changing the image. 

Modern Architecture banner template


13. Business Agency

The Business Agency template has a modern design mixing neutral colors such as black and white with a vibrant green and using geometrical visual elements. It’s the type of banner that can be used for different sectors, real estate, and law companies, for example. 

Business agency banner template

14. Software Development Company

The Software Development Company template is great for businesses in the technology sector. It has a 3D illustration of a laptop and uses neutral colors. On the right side of the banner, you can insert the text that you want.

Software Development Company banner

15. Affiliate Partner

The Affiliate Partner website banner template has a colorful and fun design. You can use it for different purposes, it’s a good layout for modern companies that want to pass a less formal image. 

Affiliate Partner banner template

Choose the Website Banner Template According to Your Goals

Before starting to develop a banner, it’s fundamental to define what you aim to achieve with it, and where the banner is going to be displayed. For example, if you want to promote a blog post, a special discount, or a product. The banner is going to be put on one of your pages, on the online store home page, for instance, or on another website as an advertisement? Answer these questions to select the best website banner template and customize it.

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