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How to enable and configure a checkbox for the GDPR policy

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We have brought a new feature to help you comply with the new GDPR policy. At JivoChat, we want to make it easier for you to activate this function.

In the following to tutorial, we will explain how to set up a customized checkbox in your website with only a few clicks.

1. Login on your JivoChat agent app using this link or you can access it from our application by clicking on Manage ->Channels.


2. Click on Settings under the channel name and then on the Personal data processing notification menu



3. Click on the switch to enable the checkbox

4. You will see the options to customize the texts and the link to the privacy terms and conditions of your website.

These 4 fields include: label to be shown, description of the label, label for the link and the link to your privacy terms.


All changes will be saved automatically

NOTE You may leave the link field blank if you don’t have a page for the privacy policy terms from your website.

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that these texts are only examples. Please contact your lawyer for advice on which information should be displayed on those fields.

Now you are all set! The new checkbox will be shown on your website before requesting personal data from customers.

Do you still have any questions? Our support team will be more than happy to help you 24x7 in the chat on our site.