Affiliate Marketing - 20 Ways to Start Making Money Online

updated May 22, 2024
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Luciano Larrossa
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In addition to ecommerce, there are other ways to make money on the internet without necessarily selling something. Among the options available, you can make room for ads on Google, sell advertising texts - also known as publieditorials - or through affiliate marketing. Although it sounds like something that came up on the internet, affiliate marketing was already used before it. Promotions that ask to refer a friend in exchange for discounts can be construed as affiliate marketing, although their use is limited outside the digital world.

The first record of the phrase is dated 1989 by founder of PC Flowe & Gifts William J. Tobin, considered the first "marketer of the internet", according to this infographic with a summary of affiliate marketing history. However, the world's first recognized affiliate program was Amazon's affiliate program, launched in 1996 and active to this day.

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What are Affiliate Programs?


Affiliate programs are campaigns that reward digital influencers by recommending their products in the content they produce. For this, four agents participate in the process. The first one is the creator of the product, followed by the affiliate platform, which includes the product created in your affiliate list.

The third agent is the content producer, who subscribes to the affiliate platform, chooses this product to advertise and produce content, directing their readers and followers to the product, being rewarded with every click or purchase. The fourth agent is the reader mentioned earlier who buys this product, generating a commission for the influencer and platform.

Whether you fit the profile of the first or third agent or are thinking of starting your own business to make money online with affiliate marketing, know below 20 of the best affiliate platforms and start increasing your income on the internet right now!

1. Jivochat affiliate program

If you are a content producer on online business, digital entrepreneurship and web platforms, our own affiliate program is our first indication. We provide you with all the marketing material you need to create content about Jivochat, whether text or video. Every site registered in our program receives 30% of each payment made by the indicated clients. You can also track and control your customers' payments by accessing customer accounts to help them configure them. It is worth remembering that Jivochat also provides technical support to clarify any doubts at any time. Access our affiliate page to know all the details and to register in the program!


2. Eduzz

One of the best platforms for creators of educational products on the Internet and digital influencers in the area. Eduzz allows you to create commissions for pay-as-you-go products, that is, paying your affiliates for every payment made by a customer, as well as providing one-click shopping tools.

The Eduzz platform also brings a fast page builder to your site and allows integrations with various tools, including Jivochat itself, (in Brazilian Portuguese) which can be installed on an Eduzz checkout page. To learn more about the Eduzz affiliate program, access the link and get all your doubts!

3. Hotmart

With a more general proposal regarding the types of products that are sold, Hotmart allows you to register any infoproduct for sale and indication. Currently, Hotmart allows the inclusion of up to 24 product categories, with commissions that can be 1% up to 80% of the product's sales value. Among its features, we can highlight the possibility to customize your checkout page - allowing you to include videos on the page! - and integration with 10 Best Email Marketing Tools , among others. Click the link to learn more about Hotmart.


4. Monetizze

Like Hotmart, Monetizze is also a platform that allows you to include products of different categories. Focused on facilitating the conversions of the producers and affiliates associated with its service, Monetizze brings tools such as the possibility of including conversion pixel of search tools like Google or Bing, in addition to Facebook. It is also possible to sell pay-as-you-go products with recurring payments, and one of their exclusive functions is the prepayment of receivables. It allows you to anticipate the sales value according to your associate's need. Learn more about Monetizze accessing their page.

5. UOL Affiliates

The UOL affiliate portal is also one of the best programs to adopt. One of its main advantages is the low value of service demanded by the platform: it is possible to transfer its commissions when they reach the value of only R $ 30.00. For producers, the program allows you to include products of up to 15 different categories, as well as being able to track and track the sales gains of your product on the service's affiliate network. Learn more about UOL Affiliates clicking here.

6. Amazon Affiliate Program


As we said at the beginning of the text, the Amazon Partner Program is the oldest among the assets to this day. Remember that it is only for content producers, who can generate links of products sold in the store of the great ecommerce network.

However, because it is possible to create products to sell on Amazon, it is quite possible that it encourages digital influencers to join the affiliate program and create links to your product. The major setback of using this method is that you will not have full control over sales through the affiliate link, something that is restricted to the portal. Access the link to know more.

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7. Lomadee

One of the largest platforms working with affiliate marketing, Lomadee has almost 10 years of market. Its service allows you to advertise products without the need to pay for their inclusion in the service, charging only sales commissions made on the platform. Lomadee has advertisers like major retail chains such as Casas Bahia and Walmart. Advertisers may include discount coupons and membership fees to attract affiliates. Learn more about Lomadee tools here.

8. Google AdSense

Perhaps the best-known way to monetize a website. Although it may be considered part of affiliate marketing, its operation is somewhat different.

Instead of being a service that offers products that a website or blog can choose to promote, Google itself is responsible for choosing the products that advertises on your page through its algorithm. However, it's worth remembering that you can block certain sites and products from being advertised and choose which spaces Google will place your ads on.


Another difference is in the commission payment, which happens through clicks, not through the sale of a product. You can include AdSense ads on your site through an account with Google. Click to know more.

9. HostGator

Just as Jivochat offers an affiliate program directly to websites or blogs, the hosting service for HostGator sites also does the same. Affiliates can join the program and receive commissions for each new subscriber of the service. Your rewards system is updated monthly, with commissions being set according to the number of subscribers attracted to your content.

For example, by indicating 10 users in a month, the referral fee is $ 100 per user, totaling $ 1,000 in earnings that month. Learn more about the HostGator affiliate program clicking here.

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10. Clickbank

One of Hotmart's biggest rivals, Clickbank also offers a wide variety of products for affiliates to work on, as well as allowing the inclusion of almost every type of product on your network. However, the service is not available in Portuguese, making the tool inaccessible to those who work with products and content in the language. If this is not your case and your blog or product is international, Clickbank is an option to consider. Click in this link to know more about Clickbank.

11. GetResponse

Available in Portuguese, GetResponse is an email marketing service that also offers the possibility of becoming an affiliate and disclosing subscription plans, including paying commissions as a referral user renews your account. The GetResponse program offers marketing material to use in your content, as well as providing real-time reporting and statistics, according to GetResponse affiliate page.


12. AWIN

With four major categories of advertisers on its platform, AWIN currently has products in the area of finance and insurance, retail and ecommerce, telecommunications and tourism, announced by its affiliate network. For producers, it is worth noting that AWIN has an evaluation system for future affiliates, filtering by well-intentioned content producers. Click here to know more about AWIN's affiliate program.

13. WebAfiliados

Focused in the area of health and fitness, WebAfiliados is a network similar to what Eduzz presents, but with a different focus. Like Eduzz, it works through the CPA (cost-per-action) system. That is, affiliates receive commission only after the sale of the product, differing from the model established by AdSense. Learn more about WebAfiliados here.

14. EGrana

With an AdSense-like template, EGrana allows your affiliates to include banners in vacant spaces on your site, advertising the products you subscribe to. Its main difference between the format used by the Google service, EGrana works exclusively through the CPM model, ie paying every 1000 banner views on your page. Access their page.

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15. Afilio

Focused on working with affiliate marketing also on mobile devices, Afilio is one of the most flexible solutions with respect to affiliation. Featuring templates for impressions, clicks, leads, actions, email firing and even application installation, the alternative is one of the best for anyone who wants to reach the audience that browses exclusively by mobile. See all about Afilio in their website.


16. Netshoes

The largest ecommerce network for sports products, Netshoes uses affiliate marketing to expand its sales. As with Amazon's affiliate program, the service is aimed at content producers and digital influencers who can view the company's offerings through banners or links included in their publications. Commissions can get up to 16% on the sale of your products by affiliation, as you can see in Netshoes affiliate page.

17. Rakuten

Another of the giants of ecommerce with an extensive affiliate program, Rakuten has a wide reach and can pay commissions in hundreds of different currencies. Advertisers can also have their campaigns managed by an internal platform team, which indicates and recruits influencers to indicate their products on their sites, social networks, video channels or blogs. Access the link to learn about Rakuten's program.

18. DGMax

Similar to what Afilio offers, DGMax also focuses its efforts on promoting campaigns targeting mobile devices. It also has a variety of campaigns, not commissioning only for sales, being ideal for those who have enough traffic on the site. Provides real-time reporting and campaigns by installing apps and triggering emails, plus click-through, action, or even click. Learn more about the DGMax service in their website.

19. C2 CPA Network

Similar to some of the affiliate platforms mentioned throughout the text, the C2 CPA Network is a Brazilian service that offers affiliation to producers and influencers in the area of beauty and health, relationships and games. Like Monetizze, it also offers the possibility of advancing its commissions through emergency withdrawals.


Commissions can be transferred via bank deposit or PayPal account, as well as real-time tracking of your links' income or the sale of your products. Click on the link to learn more about the C2 CPA Network.

20. JVZoo

Finishing the list we have the JVZoo, which competes directly with Clickbank. Also available only to product developers and digital influencers who work in English, the service offers a number of product categories and links available, allowing almost every category of website to sign up. It also offers the ability to sell subscriptions and receive recurring payments. Check out more about JVZoo on your page.

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