36 Best Website Builder Templates in 2023

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Website builder templates can turn the task of developing a website into a much easier one. It enables you to use a pre-made design and customize your web pages from it, usually through a drag-and-drop editor where you can insert text, images, videos, other graphic elements, and resize and position them as you wish. 

Selecting the right template is very important to provide a great user experience, and organize your website content in a way that is easy to navigate, and attractive to your target audience.

It will also differ according to the purpose of each page, for example, you are going to find pre-built templates developed for portfolios, product pages, home page, menu, and so on. 

We have separated multiple template options from different website builders, so you can choose the platform and design you prefer. And, the best is you don’t need to have design or coding skills to make a website that’s going to help your company to grow and achieve your goals.  

Best Website Builder Templates


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1. Tech Company

The template “Tech Company”, as the name already suggests, was developed for startups, applications, and high-tech companies.

With a design that fits perfectly whether you are using a mobile device or a desktop computer, it has a one-page interface where you can navigate through different sections of the website just by scrolling down. 

Wix Tech Company template

As you move your mouse or fingers, the information appears, making the pages seem more dynamic. The background is in black in contrast with the letters in white, which creates an impact and catches the readers’ attention.

The minimalist design helps to focus on the main message of each part of the website and has a modern style. 

2. Electronics Store

The Electronics Store website template was built for ecommerce sites. In the superior menu, you can add product categories, a search bar, and a login section, which makes it easier for visitors to navigate through your store.

On the home page, it’s possible to use a video as a background and also includes banners to highlight specific products and special offers. 

Electronics Store template

By scrolling down, the visitor will find the best sellers and on sale sections, everything organized to help create an intuitive experience. You have the option to insert forms as well, for example, to sign up for your newsletter. 

3. Real Estate Firm

The Real Estate Firm template has a simple yet elegant and classic design, which suits real estate companies perfectly. The picture of a house in the background of the main page highlights the focus of the business. Also, the main button is placed strategically in the center of the page and in red, which calls the viewer’s attention.

As you scroll down, it’s possible to navigate through different sections of the website, and find the properties available for rent and for sale. 

Real Estate template

4. Cafe

Many people look for the social media pages or website of the restaurant or coffee shop they are going to, before visiting it. Therefore, counting on a beautifully designed website can help you to conquer more customers, and you can even allow them to make their reservations and order online. 

This website template has a minimalist and classic design, which helps visitors to focus on what matters, the foods and drinks you serve. You can add several pictures and include links to your social media pages too.

Cafe templtate

5. Sportswear Store

If you have an online clothing store, regardless of the type of clothing you sell, it’s essential to build pages that display each product well and highlight its main characteristics. In this website template, the contrast of colors helps to catch the customer’s attention, and the well-chosen photos show how beautiful the clothes are. On the main page, the call to action “shop now” is direct and enables the client to start buying as soon as they enter the website.

Sportswar template


6. Engineering LTD

The Engineering LTD template was developed for a business website. It has a one-page interface with a minimalist design with a white background and letters in black, other colors are used only in the details and to highlight important words. 

There is the “About” section where you can present your company’s history and the “Projects” section is a photo gallery, enabling users to see previous works.

Engineering LTD template

There is also a space to know how to get in contact with the company. All the information is well-organized and structured hierarchically, enhancing the user experience. 

7. Greek Restaurant

With the pandemic, a lot of restaurants created their own websites to put digital menus available, and also to offer delivery services.

The Greek Restaurant template is designed for this sector and enables the visitors to check your menu, make reservations online easily, know more about the restaurant, and get in contact. 

Greek Restaurant template

The responsive design enhances the user experience by providing smooth navigation through mobile devices and desktop computers. The visitors can navigate through the website by scrolling down or using the superior menu to go directly to the desired page.

8. Around Travel

 The Around Travel template was built for travel agencies. It has a minimalist design, which makes the website easier to navigate and find the main information. The home page has a background photo aligned with the theme of the website and a call to action button to encourage people to get to know more about your business.

Around Travel template

9 - Architexture

The Architexture template was built for architecture and landscaping businesses. It uses a neutral color scheme, mostly in black and white. You have the option to add images on every page and present the projects you have already been a part of. Include a contact form as well, so customers can get in contact with you. 

Architexture template

10 - Cheese Shop

The Cheese Shop template can be used not only by food stores but also by e-commerces from many other sectors. Enjoy the features to create a virtual display and show the products to your potential customers. It’s important to add high-quality photos to call attention and make the items stand out.  

Cheese Shop template


11. Design 10

The Design 10 template has a minimalist yet fun style. It counts on several features to make the pages easy to navigate and interesting. For example, on the home page, you can add a superior menu with every section of the website and also include social media icons to redirect to them.

Design 10 template

It enables you to add a portfolio section, which can be made in the format of a photo gallery. It also has a space for customer reviews, which helps to give credibility to the brand. 

12. Fashion Boutique

The Fashion boutique template, which was built for ecommerce websites, has a very colorful design and focuses on the use of photos to highlight the products. On the home page, you can add a banner showing specific products or special discounts, for instance.

Fashion Boutique template

The superior menu is fixed and appears on every page. It’s divided into the categories home, collection, about, store, and contact, but you can use different section names and customize as you want. 

13. The Royal Caterers

The Royal Caterers is a perfect template for catering companies and other services related to parties and food. You can use it to enable customers to get to know and book your services online, without any complication. Add a call to action button such as in the example, and increase the chances of turning leads into customers.

The Royal Caterers template

14 - Portfolio

Having a digital portfolio is a great asset for conquering customers, and it can be used by different types of professionals, including writers, designers, architects, photographers, and developers. Enjoy this minimalist website template to put the focus on your work, use beautiful images, and explain the projects you have made. Include your contact information, so potential customers will know how to reach you.

Portfolio template

15 - Home Decor

 If you are looking for a template for a furniture or decor store, this one is for you. You can put multiple images on the background, and they will change from time to time, which makes the page more dynamic. Besides, it’s possible to add a call-to-action button such as “shop home decor”, and create several product sections and pages for each product too. 

Home decor template


16. Cosmetic Brand

The Cosmetic Brand template has a minimalist design with a white background, helping to make the product images stand out. You can include different sections to the website, such as an online store, contact page, and about page. Use the fixed superior menu to direct visitors easily to each section. 

Cosmetic Brand template

17 . Boutique Hotel

If you are looking for a website builder template that is fit for a hotel website, the Boutique Hotel is a great option. It provides a simple but elegant design with a white background, letters in black, and details in gold. 

Boutique Hotel template

You can add sections such as “Rooms”, “Dining”, “Prices”, “Booking”, and “Contact”, and link to them in the superior fixed menu. Insert images of the accommodations and other spaces at the hotel to call the website visitors’ attention.  

18. Ballet School

This website template was developed for dance schools. With an elegant and sophisticated design, it can be aligned with your brand’s visual identity to drive the visitor’s attention and sell more classes. With a website, you can enable your students to book their classes and buy courses online, making the purchase simpler and quicker. 

Ballet school template

19. Tea Store

The Tea Store template is suitable for online shops specializing in tea, coffee, and selling other foods. It uses a neutral color palette, enjoying the contrast of dark colors, like brown and black, with white, to highlight the main information. Create multiple sections to segment the products, and present more about your company.

Tea store template

20. Graphic Designer Template

This website template was developed for graphic designers, photographers, painters, and other professionals who want a place of their own to display their visual work online. You can create image galleries with several illustrations, design pieces, and photos. Create a contact section, so people can know how to get in touch with you, and hire your services.

Graphic designer template


21. Reservoir

The Reservoir template was developed focusing on the health and fitness companies, which sell services, such as yoga classes, and products as well. The background in lilac and the text in white create a clean interface with a touch of color, without adding too many graphic details.

Reservoir template

The titles and text are written using more than one font type, making it more stylish. You can add images and videos in every section too, include a simple form to schedule classes or other appointments, and also sell online courses, for instance. 

22. Trustlane

Trustlane is a website builder template that was developed for business websites. It has a classy and refined style with its color scheme in white, navy blue, black, and just some details in gold. 

Trustlane template

With a version for mobile devices and another one for desktops, it also has a collapsed menu on the header, where you can direct visitors to each section of the website. Include your social media links and contact information in the footer. 

23. Fashion Beauty template

This template perfectly matches makeup, skincare, and clothing stores. It has a simple but very effective design, which focuses on highlighting the products, and drives the visitor’s attention to turn them into customers. You can also add CTA buttons to encourage people to navigate through the website, get to know your store, and make purchases. 

Fashion beauty template

24.Home Services Template

If you provide home services, such as painting walls, cleaning houses, and fixing furniture, this website template was created for you. It has a modern and clean design to help you attract customers, and make it easier for them to contact you and book your services online. You can present the services you make, insert a contact form, and link to your social media pages as well. 

Home services template

25. Professional Services Template

The Professional Services template is great for people who have bookkeepers, lawyers, and accountants. The classic design allows you to highlight the most important pieces of information, and also add your brand’s visual identity. Create your website sections, and organize them into the left side menu. You can add a sign-up form if you have a newsletter, a contact form, and like to your social media pages too.

Professional services template


26. Tone Template

The Tone template was developed for architects. It has a minimalist design where you can put more than one photo in the background, so it changes from time to time. That’s a great tactic to call attention to the beauty of your work, by using images from your projects. You can also create an online portfolio and add your contact information, so people can require your services. 

Tone template

27. Acumen Template

What about having an online curriculum? You can create a website and use it to highlight your skills and drive the attention of companies you are interested in working with. The Acumen template was built to help you with that, enjoy its minimalist design, add your social media pages and contact information, and make a section to present your previous works. 

Acumen template

28.Aplomb Template

Having a well-designed website can help you attract more visitors to your restaurant, and that template was built for that. You can put a picture of your restaurant or one of your plates in the background of the main page, and enable people to book tables online and check the menu.

Aplomb template


29. Winkel

The Winkel template has a minimalist design, it’s built for ecommerce and focused on highlighting the product images, and description. The clean and cool look has everything to do with online clothing stores. 

Winkel template

30. Quadrat

The Quadrat theme was developed for blogs and podcast pages. It uses squared shapes and colorful, minimalist flat illustrations, which gives a more modern look to the design. It contains a set of custom images that you can choose from to customize your website.

Quadrat template

The color scheme with a background in shades of blue and the letters in pink create vibrant contrast, but you can change the colors according to your needs. You also can link to platforms such as Spotify, and add a form to sign up for your newsletter. 


31. Email Handyman

The Email Handyman template was developed for startups. It has a clean design, but that also enables you to use images overlayed with texts. For example, on the home page, the background with a picture calls the visitors’ attention, mainly with the use of the yellow filter, which matches the color scheme. 

Email Handyman template

You can create a fixed menu on the header, divide the website by categories, and also make it available in more than one language. 

32. Lever and Bloom

The Lever and Bloom template has a clean and minimalist design with a menu on the left side of the pages and can be used for different types of business websites. You can add photo galleries, menus, reviews, and customize the colors. 

Lever and Bloom template

With a one-page interface, it’s possible to navigate through the website just by scrolling down. You can also add the Instagram feed and show it directly on your page. 


33. Modus Operandi

The Modus Operandi Template has a design focused on images, which reminds the Instagram feed. With a minimalist design, you can use it for portfolios, and avoid distraction by keeping it clean, without too many graphic elements. 

Modus Operandi template

The template also has a sticky navigation menu, which stays at the top of every page, even when you scroll down, which facilitates navigation. You can insert social media icons to direct to your pages, and a contact form as well, so your clients know how to get in touch with you. 

34. Century Arts

The Century Arts template was created for corporate events. It combines a classic style with a touch of color by using red to highlight some texts and also inserting pictures on different pages. The website menu stays on the top right corner of the website, which is divided into the sections: home, speakers, gallery, and RSVP. 

Century Arts template


35. Company X

If you have a startup that works in the finance, technology, or corporate industry, Company X is a template built thinking of your type of website. It has a responsive design, showcases high-resolution photos and videos on a black backdrop, and you can use animations in the pages too.

Company X template

It’s also possible to add forms, custom the 404 page, and use fonts from Google’s Web Font Collection. The design comes already with 19 pages, including home, about, team, blog, pricing, contact, and service.

36. SaaS Flow

The SaaS Flow template was developed for companies that work with Software as a Service (SaaS), as the name already implies, it has a modern and clean design and offers seamless navigation. 

SaaS Flow template

With a color scheme predominantly in blue, it’s possible to add pictures, animations, charts, testimonials, and have a blog section too. The menu is fixed at the top of each page, making it easier to access different content fastly. 

To guarantee a good user experience regardless of using a desktop or a mobile device to enter the website, it counts on a responsive design too. 

Choose the Best Website Builder Template

Now that you have got to know more about different website builder templates, it’s important to evaluate how to make the best choice for you. First, plan your website, what section do you want to include on it, a blog and an ecommerce, for example? Check if the template has a design for them. 

Also, don’t forget to opt for a responsive design, which means the users are going to be able to smoothly navigate through your pages on their mobile devices and desktop computers. The template needs to be aligned with your brand’s visual identity as well, you should be able to customize some design elements. 

Go through the options of website builder templates you have carefully, think about your target audience too. Once your pages become available, you will see how a well-constructed template influences getting more visitors and increasing conversion rates.

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