Online Chat for Small Websites: Is It Worth It?

updated June 9, 2023
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Gerard Pereira
Gerard Pereira
Partnership Manager

We know that online chats are absolutely one of the best platforms to deliver both convenience and high-quality customer service to visitors, but should small websites bother investing into one when they are just starting out? Are online chats really going to impact a small company’s website growth and online presence?

The answer to that is yes. That is because an online chat is capable to help a company grow and build everything they need right from the very beginning, such as increasing trust in the brand, reaching out and getting closer to your potential customers, boosting customer satisfaction by delivering the best service. Small websites definitely should consider incorporating an online chat on their features list and start kicking off doing the right things.

What Can an Online Chat Do?

The first step to understanding why it’s worth having an online chat on a small website is to understand exactly what can be achieved and how to do it. Here are some of the things you can start doing with an online chat from the very first day you implement it in your website.

Collect Data For Your Marketing Campaigns

Visitors are not always willing to promptly give you their contact information without first getting to know your brand and if what is being offered really interests them. For that, no platform is better than an online chat, which allows your company to directly speak to its visitors without even having to wait for them to start a conversation.

An online chat allows you to use proactive invitations to catch your visitors' attention to your chat. After some high-grade service coming from your representatives, they should be able to turn your visitors into leads who are willing to provide their contact information, which can later be used on your email marketing campaigns, for example. An online chat also allows you to segment your mailing lists by gathering exactly what are the interests of each visitor through chat sessions, which will definitely improve the open rates of your advertisement emails.

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Be Able To Deliver Personalized Customer Service

Delivering personalized customer service is one of the most important aspects to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Your visitors are not going to feel valued if all they get from your support team is automated responses. An online chat allows you to add a special touch of human interaction in your service, your operators can treat each and every customer in a particular way according to their needs and demands.

In a world where bots are already so common, being able to interact with people in a personalized way through the internet is a valuable feature that will make your visitors feel comfortable and satisfied, even if they don’t actually purchase any of your goods.

Online chats can be used for much more than simply delivering customer support. While chatting with your leads you can help them decide which product or service best fits their needs and send them your affiliate program links.

Using your online chat as a sales platform, more than just a customer support tool is a great way to generate better engagement with your visitors as well as directly impact your company’s growth.

Remember, you can also gather data and feedback on what your visitors are asking for to further improve your website’s listings. Being able to properly analyze all the relevant information coming from your chat sessions is a crucial factor for any new business.

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Back Up Your Ads With an Online Chat

Your Ads are going to be much more valuable if you have an online chat ready to assist the increased flow from your advertisement campaigns coming to your website. Customers will come asking about discounts, new products releases, and offerings and they won’t be willing to wait for email replies from your support team to have their questions answered.

When you start a new advertisement campaign you need to be ready to assist every visitor coming to your website as soon as it goes live! They will see that your online chat is ready and available and feel satisfied with your special service. Visitors will know your brand is serious no matter how new and young in the market, which will positively impact your sales.

Try This Exercise

If you own a small website, it is important that you do some measurements to understand how well you are currently performing. How many visits do you have per month? How many sales and quotes? After you have these numbers, you’ll be able to tell if your offerings are being as attractive and appealing as they should be to your visitors.

Take this information and consider how many support requests you have been receiving through other traditional customer service platforms. Think about how much money you could be losing because your visitors might not have their questions answered and issues solved in a timely manner.

Very often potential customers withdraw from a purchase because they don’t have enough information about the product or service and there is no quick and easy platform available for them to get help. This is exactly what an online chat provides them with, and according to Quora, having an online chat can lead to a conversion rate of at least 20%.

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Looking For The Best Online Chat Solution?

If after reading all of this you’re interested in implementing an online chat on your website and seeing how it can impact your business’ growth, you might be wondering which online chat solution would help you achieve everything described above with ease that isn’t super costly. Look no further, Jivochat free version is already pretty good for you to begin feeling how much it can affect your sales.

If you’re looking for a more robust solution, know that Jivochat offers scalable pricing according to how many agents you’re looking to have and for how long you would like to purchase your license.

Jivochat provides all the necessary tools and features for you to start impressing your visitors right now! Including the ability to integrate with other platforms and apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and many more. You can adjust the chat design to make it fit perfectly in with your brand and easily catch your visitors’ attention with proactive invitations.

Don’t lose any more customers, get Jivochat working on your website right now!

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