How JivoChat Helps You Retain Visitors

updated May 6, 2022
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Paulo Andraus
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Today, simply advertising your e-commerce and company’s website isn’t enough to convert visitors into paying customers. Retaining visitors is about doing everything to engage and appeal to their interests. An online chat on your page has, amongst other benefits, the power of helping you to keep people browsing your store. This can be done through a variety of systems, such as proactive greetings or pop-ups offering special deals to visitors before they exit the page.

Also, it is important that you provide all the information your visitors need about products and services. In this way, they won’t need to research by themselves on other sources and possibly withdraw from the purchase. In case your potential customers have questions, an online chat will be able to assist them while maintaining them on your website. Read further to understand how to retain visitors using JivoChat.

How to retain visitors

First of all, visitors are people. They need to feel important and valued when coming to your website, just as much as they do when being greeted at expensive restaurants by well-trained waiters. It’s much harder to greet people coming to your online store in such a way. There are a couple of ways to do this, such as including welcoming messages in your headers and panels or with pop-up messages. But are these really effective? Visitors are well aware that these are just general automated systems created to greet them. Their impact isn’t as big as having another real person reaching out to you.

Thus, online chats are the best solution in the market to deliver personalized service, capable of generating satisfactory engagement and adding a human touch to your otherwise plain website. Potential customers will know that there are real people available to help them should they need. That alone is enough to make them feel more comfortable and put more trust in your brand.

Your chat representatives will be able to address visitors by their names, answer their questions, assist them with their issues and possibly convert a chat session to a sale. Can an automated pop-up greeting do that?

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Retain Visitors

What can JivoChat do?

Let’s talk about what specifically can our online chat solution do to help you retain customers. Aside from just being a chat window in the corner of your website, you can set messages such as "don’t leave without asking me your questions" or "Hello, before you leave, here is your special deal coupon." Interesting, right? This will many times stop your potential customer from exiting your page and rather create engagement and maybe even start a chat session.

Also, you’ll be able to configure triggers and pop-ups with proactive greetings. These can be based on which pages are being browsed by your visitors, such as offering help on billing methods when customers are on the shopping cart. So much can be done with proactive invitations, take a look at our dedicated article.

E-commerce can significantly boost their sales with JivoChat because people are not going to leave your page with questions. They’ll not go elsewhere, such as Google, for example, to find the answers they need. Remember, for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is critical that visitors have a low bounce rate, which means they should stay more on your website and not switch between tabs.


Transforming visitors into members

JivoChat can also help you gather contact information from your visitors through chat sessions. People are more likely to give you their email after a helpful conversation with one of your representatives than by simply filling cold forms. This also helps you to segment your contacts, based on their interests and preferences.

Use this information to create follow up email marketing campaigns. This is a great way to stimulate visitors and buyers to return to your page to check new offerings, special deals or product updates.

Also, consider implementing a loyalty program by rewarding paying customers with discount coupons for future purchases in your store, for example. In this way, the next time that person needs a product you’re offering, he’ll be happy to get it discounted from your online store instead of your competitor’s.

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Set goals for your team

An online chat alone is powerful when it comes to boosting trust in your brand, but the most important thing is to have a well-trained team with the focus on closing sales. Ensure your chat representatives carry your company’s way of handling visitors in every chat sessions. Set realistic goals for your team and help them understand the importance of delivering high-quality customer service.

JivoChat can also help with that. By gathering and displaying all chat sessions information in a single platform, you’ll easily be able to track how well your representatives are doing and better understand your target audience’s behavior. Your team should also be trained to receive critical feedback about offerings and services and forward it to the responsible department.

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Set Goals

Have a professional looking website that is available for Mobile

Before installing an online chat on your website, you must ensure its general appearance and design is appealing. Visitors will definitely judge your company based on their first impressions, you do not want them to be negative.

Also, another critical aspect is that your website must be mobile friendly. Today, more than 50% of the online traffic happens through mobile. You do not want to be out of this niche and lose half of your visitors because your website does not support smartphone screens.

Again, JivoChat proves to be a most-complete online chat platform by also being completely mobile friendly. You’ll be able to address your customers both via text and through calls, directly from the platform. Without the need to switch between different apps.

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JivoChat can do so much more!

Still feeling like JivoChat may not be a good deal after all of the benefits mentioned above? Well, there is more! JivoChat is also capable of integrating with the most popular platforms, such as Facebook’s messenger, allowing you to receive incoming requests from multiple different sources and begin chat sessions. Even when being contacted by people on different platforms, you’ll still be able to view all the information regarding chat sessions in a single dashboard.

That is not all, JivoChat can also be used as your primary telephony solution, allowing you to communicate by chat, email, phone and more with your customers and workers alike. JivoChat’s basic version is free for up to 5 agents, install it on your website!

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