60 Podcast Name Ideas

updated September 1, 2023
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Jaqueline Corradi
Jaqueline Corradi
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Podcasts have become a huge success, conquering audiences all over the world, it offers you the opportunity to connect with your audience, and you can begin by checking out amazing podcast name ideas. A good name is a great start to show what your podcast is about and to drive people's attention. 

It's important to choose a name that is catchy and easy to remember, which is also related to the topics you are going to talk about or to your brand's name. Nowadays, you can find podcasts about the most diverse themes, from true crime to comedy. They are available on many platforms like Spotify, and companies can also enjoy this type of content to promote their products. 

What do you think about that? Check out the article to get inspired and choose the name that fits better to create your podcast. 

How to Choose Your Podcast Name

Define What You Are Going to Talk About

When the subject is podcast name ideas, before deciding how to name yours, it's essential to plan the type of podcast you intend to make. For example, will you present it alone? Will you interview other people? What topics do you wish to approach? 

After answering those questions, you already have an idea of how your podcast will be. Choose a name that has to do with your main theme. To help you decide, write a list of keywords related to your topics, try to combine them, and analyze which ones sound better. The podcast name can also be related to your brand or product name. 

Choose an Easy-to-Spell Name

When defining your podcast name, consider that many people may find it by typing its name on the podcast platform they use or by searching for a keyword related to it. If you choose a name that is hard to spell, it makes it difficult for your target audience to find your podcast.

Therefore, avoid too complicated names, for example, with too many numbers or special characters. Try to choose one word or a combination of words that is catchy. It's a great start to developing a strong brand image around your podcast. 

Create a Memorable Name

When deciding upon the best podcast name, ask yourself what you want people to relate with your podcast and how you intend it to be seen. The name is a primordial part of building your podcast brand and it must be easy to remember. Try to come up with a name that sticks in people's minds. 

60 Podcast Name Ideas

Funny Podcast Name Ideas

1 - Laughing Squad

2 - Comedy Tidbits

3 - End With a Smile

4 - Laughing Spot

5 - Jokes First

6 - Every Pun Intended

Creative Podcast Name Ideas

7 - Dear Diary

8 - Single Decision Maker

9 - Verbal Dissertations

10 - Breathe, Talk

11 - Pod in Cast

12 - Daily Monologue

13 - Yes, You

14 - Next, Please

15 - With love, (your name)

Fashion Podcast Name Ideas

16 - Clothes and History

17 - I Wore It Best

18 - Vintage and Chic

19 - Fashionable

20 - Fashion Inspiration

21 - Haute Couture

22 - It's In

23 - Trending

24 - Fashion Culture

Travel Podcast Names

25 - Somewhere in the world

26 - Backpackers

27 - Next Adventure

28 - Exploring the World

29 - A ticket and a dream

30 - Travelling With You

31 - Travel Companion

32 - Tips for Your Trip

33 - Bon Voyage

34 - Next Destination

35 - Flying to…

36 - Discover The World

Life and Behavior Podcast Names

37 - Mum's life

38 - Lifetime Leisure

39 - 20s

40 - Prolific Podcast

41 - Dad Talk

42 - Generation Millenial

43 - The World Today

44 - The Self-Love Fix

45 - Parenting Pod

46 - Friends Like Us

Sports Podcast Names

47 - Football Talk

48 - Basketball Expert

49 - Next Game

50 - Best Player

51 - Dream Team

52 - What's On The Sports Channel

53 - Coaches Corner

54 - Big League

55 - Football Family

56 - Million League Athletes

57 - The Sports Review

58 - Runner Episodes

59 - Bench Talk

60 - After the Game

Promote Your Podcast 

Now that you have seen several podcast name ideas, what about getting inspired to take your podcast project to the next level? After planning it, and start creating the episodes, it's necessary to consider how you are going to draw attention to your podcast. 

If you already have a strong presence on social media, you can use your own profile to talk about the podcast and invite your followers to listen to it. But, it's also interesting to create profiles for the podcast on the social media platforms that your target audience is interested in, for example on Instagram. They offer a great space to engage with the listeners, promote every episode, and measure the success of your podcast. 

Besides, you can also develop strategies by creating a newsletter and sending exclusive content to the listeners who subscribe to it. Another possibility is to build a website to talk about the podcast and publish extra content. Get to know your audience, test different strategies, and analyze what works best for your project.

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