Do you know what it means to be omnichannel? Check out how this strategy can impact your success and why you should make the change right now!
Customers receive outstanding service, product prices remain reasonable, and revenue figures don’t take a hit. It’s an attractive pricing strategy when you know how to do it.
Learn about the 4 reasons why providing multilingual customer support is an asset for your company
There’s no better way to confirm the quality and impact of a product than requesting feedback directly from your customers.
A customer is in need of help, and you’re not at your workstation? Don’t worry, with JivoChat it is possible to do it using your smartphone, find out how!
In today’s competitive market, using the best tools to deliver customer service is crucial, find out which is the best live chat for Shopify Ecommerces.
Figuring the right time to hire your first support employee can help maintain customer satisfaction and service quality
Do you know what is Growth Hacking? Read on and learn how it can impact your company’s growth and which tools are available in the market for you!!
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